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  • Oct 15, 2017

Dewart gleason llp, heidi rubin, adam pantel, sean dewart, tim gleason are thieves and scammers. These lawyers' professional indemnity company lawpro) lawyers were given a cheque # 93782 for the amount $544.95. Heidi rubin lied to the judge that the money was in the trust account of dewart gleason llp pending completion. These lawyers then claimed that there was a settlement and the money has since disappeared. There was no settlement and there is no trace of the cheque # 93782 for $544.95. There is a complaint pending with the law society of upper canada to trace this cheque and where the money disappeared to. Petty thieves and scammers.

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  • Feb 11, 2018

I am an attorney and I want to know

How this ended. In 30 years of practice I've had three bar complaints. One made it to the hearing stage.

I am a plaintiff's employment discrimination attorney and I do not require my clients to pay anything until the case is over.

I've covered costs for a client who lied. Why? Because I could not stand another minute around the person. That's the one who lied their way into a full hearing.

Mine ended well. I owed nothing & the former client had the nuisance value of $500.00 paid by the defendant. I was out tes of billable hours and the $350.00 filing fee.

This complaint could be a serious amount of money to the people involved. What I don't understand is how it went this far.

What lawyer disputes ~$500.00?

I can think of just one time that I might have disputed that sum - and I was correct not to. The fool who filed the bar complaint.

This case needs an ending. It is February. The ethics counsel should have resolved the case. What happened?

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