Amber Haag

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas

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  • Jul 5, 2017

I met amber haag and she seemed like a good person, but i found out quick that she’s a psycho. She’s an unemployed drug addict who would rather get wasted early in the morning instead of looking for a job. She has a criminal history here in las vegas for theft. She got off easy by signing a confession and the court ordered her to get her ged, get a job 90 days after she delivered her twins, and to go through drug rehab She was a druggie while pregnant).

She cannot handle rejection. She came to my place demanding that i give her $200 or she would ruin my life, get me fired from my job, etc by lying that i was soliciting illegal prostitution. I gave her the money, but then she wanted another $200, according to her, she was mad that i didn’t care that she was crying and i had rejected her! i had just met this woman a couple of days prior and she expected me to deal with all her drama and issues!!!

We were just supposed to have nsa sex, yet she can’t even have that with a man without going “fatal attraction” on him. This woman is a psycho, a loser/failure in life, she has low self esteem, and she’s unattractive, and etc. Her extortion was done via text which i have screen capped and i’m saving for good reasons. She admitted to having sex with 10 women at once while she was in jail! she loves playing with sex toys She can’t get a man unless he’s desperate), she fantasizes about 2 men gang banging her, she’s a druggie and an alcoholic.

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