blueribbon bulldogs

Country United States
State Texas
City joshua
Website blue ribbon frenchbulldogs

blueribbon bulldogs Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2018

Debbie highfill. Is a scammer 5years ago i backed out of buying a dog from her.A week after id mailed a deposit another breeder called me to warn about her her dogs are sick and she treats ppl terrible.My partnes and i decided to not purchase her dog she was furious so much so she threatened to make me pay for not buying her dog.I contacted bbb and they opened a case against her they mediated the event and we both signed a non disclosure binding.As well as both agreed to not slander each other i nvr did.I also paid her 100.00 to cover any fees to the stopping of her funds.Its over 3years later she somehow things ive told someone her dirty secret i didnt.She them writes all over this nastyness.To go over ive never been sued never been in any legal trouble.And the fact is i never got and animal from her nor would i my partner and i bought elcewere.We own all dogs bought paid for as we all know as breeders no one ships prior to payment.All i can say stay away from this old yenta who obviously has nothing going on

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