bonnie combs of tulsa

Country United States
State Comoros
City Tulsa
Address 2337 w 47th street

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  • Jun 30, 2014

I am reporting Chretienne Ouelette "Christine Armstrong/Jamie Vaughn/Christina Ouelette" of Sand Springs / Broken Arrow / Tulsa, Oklahoma for stealing my personal photographs since 2003 when I first opened my blog. She has been harvesting pictures of myself, my friends, my fiancee and my family. She has also stolen my personal copyrighted photography, web designs, etc...

She has been harassing, terrorizing, stalking, threatening and attempting to blackmail me since becoming obsessed with me nearly ten years ago. She is a diagnozed schizophrenic who also has psychosis and bipolar. She regularly abuses prescription medications such as xanax, oxycontin and fentanyl, neglects/abuses her children Zinnia and Chloe, cheats on her husband Dennis and basically sits in her bedroom getting high and harassing people on the internet.

Christine has been harassing and stalking people online. [continued below]....

She has left behind a huge trail and an enormous number of victims, which you can learn more about at

Christina is very psychotic and ridiculous and no one on the web believes her. She is a laughing joke of her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana as well as Bangor, Maine where her mother lives and her current location Sand Springs, Oklahoma where she is known as "Loony ol' Christina" and everyone is aware of her bad drug use and psychotic behaviour.

Christine is an attention whore, a psychopath and a hypochondriac. She routinely checks herself into the Tulsa hospital and screams and abuses the nurses. She also pretends to have cancer to rack in donations from idiots on the internet who have yet to google her name. She went as far as to shave her head to try and steal money from people because she's too lazy to work. She claims to work at Oklahoma State University but they have no record of her ever working or attending school there.

According to a police officer in Sand Springs, Christine / Chretienne is well-known compulsive liar and that her entire linkedin profile is bogus. She dropped out of school in Baton Rouge in grade 9 and has been popping out babies with multiple daddies, collecting welfare checks and food stamps, and harassing people on the internet ever since.

She has no respect for anyone and abuses her disabled mother, newborn child, older children, and husband all the time. She wishes death on people who have done nothing to her. She needs to be stopped. Forever.

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