Brian Leonard Manning

Country United States
State Washington

Brian Leonard Manning Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2017

Watch out for brian leonard manning, a hiring manager who posts help wanted ads in craigslist looking to hire interns. I applied for this internship in sacramento without realizing it didn’t pay any perks, benefits, to speak of. Manning even refused to pay for bus fare going to his office located in carmichael. When i declined to show up for the interview, brian leonard manning left a nasty message on my answering machine and verbally chewed me out on the phone for no reason two months later. Manning was still dwelling on an issue for two whole months. I deserve to be spoken to with respect and insist upon getting paid money for my labor, not work for free for a social justice organization which wants mcdonald’s to pay fifteen dollars an hour, a “living wage” for its workers but demands its own interns work around the clock for nothing, five days a week, out of the pure altruistic goodness of their hearts.

Manning is in seattle working as an organizer for greenpeace. If you see those help wanted ads fighting for social justice from greenpeace on sites like craigslist, please ignore it and don’t waste your time. You don’t want to put up with a verbally abusive tangent from manning.

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