Briana Buckmelter - aka CANDY

Country United States
State Alabama
City Scottsdale
Address 21155 N. 56th Street, Suite 3066, Scottsdale, AZ 85054
Phone (602) 309-8833 and (602) 999-3719

Briana Buckmelter - aka CANDY Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2018

Briana buckmelter aka candy a stripper in phoenix who engages in con & scams against men in strip clubs. Arrested february 28, 2016 for 2 felony criminal charges by the pinal county sheriffs department. (13-3405a-1 marijuana and 13-3408a-1 narcotic) residence 21155 n. 56th street, suite 3066, scottsdale, az 85054. Telephone (602) 309-8833 and 999-3719. Has been a stripper for more then 5 years in the phoenix area and cons men out of money based upon phony stories of hardship. Tells a story that her parents had to use her college fund to help her brother who is a drug addict. States she has a.D.D. And adhd to gain the sympathy of men in order to help her. States she is a stripper out of necessity, but this is a lie. She is a typical con and scam artist. Candy is a pathological liar. If you help her out, she will give you a phony address and telephone number. She uses "aliases" to avoid personal information. She gives honest strippers a bad name. She is very good at the confidence game of swindling money out of honest men. She is the worst female you will ever meet. Spends her money on makeup, dinners, clothes, and alcohol to an extreme. Cannot be trusted...

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