Clean N Go

Country United States
State Denmark
City Dallas
Address 17470 Marsh Lane
Phone (469) 892-6983

Clean N Go Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2014

Buyer beware!

I purchased a $29.99 car wash with detail. Upon completion I tipped the employee and left. Within an hour, I got back into my 2013 Volvo XC90 and noticed that the drivers side mud mat was missing. I then checked the rest of the car and noted that the left rear mat was missing as well. I immediately went back to the car wash.

The manager (Charlie) said it wasn't in the car. I insisted that they look for it. After 10 minutes he returned, and told me to look for it at home. I asked for the owners name or insurance information. He refused to provide it to me. I hope the owner will read this and do the right thing as the replacements are $109.00.

I am not sure why they would refuse to look or want to keep two mats, but they should be replaced as they were 110% definitely in the car upon arrival.

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