Clean Start Systems

Country United States
State Congo
City Portland
Address 10101 SW Barbur Blvd, Suite 101
Phone 971.275.2412

Clean Start Systems Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2015

Do Not go to this company. Their service guy destroyed my ignition systems causing several safety components in my car not to work, then told me I had to take it to a dealership to get it fixed and fax him the invoice. It totaled over 700$ and Clean Start is ignoring all responsibility for the damage. I have been on the phone with them nearly every day for 2 weeks and all I get is that only the manager can approve paying for the damage, and given a number to some guy who never answers his phone or responds to any voice mails left. They have all the proper paperwork and the repair invoice clearly stating the cost and damage to the ignition system is the cause, and they aren't doing anything about it. These guys will mess up your car and will not take any responsibility. When confronting them on the matter the service agent(who is the only person who answers the phone) was very rude to me and refuses to do anything other than supposedly send his manager an email. They are perfectly aware that I am now missing work because lack of transportation and still don't care. Do Not go to this company!

After over 2 weeks they sent me a text saying they will not pay for the damage, with no reason why. Do not go to these jokers!

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