Cleanse Pro

Country United States
State Aruba
City Santa Ana
Address 3760 W Mcfadden Ave, Suite B 602
Phone 1-888-557-4730

Cleanse Pro Reviews

  • Mar 20, 2015

I decided to try Cleanse Pro after seeing advertisments all over the Internet. I tried the first month and was no longer interested in their services. I called and cancelled my account immediately. The next month I received another order of the product, so I called again. I was assured that the account was previously cancelled and that I did not get charged for the addition product they sent me. Each month I continued to recieve the product, which I did not want even if it was free. I called again and was once again reassured that my account had been cancelled previously. I called at least 3 or 4 times and each time was told my account was cancelled and that I would not be charged for any of the product even though it was still being sent.

Finally, I called again today and their story completely changed. They claimed that this was my first time calling, and that I would have to pay for each month since my original purchase. I asked for a manager and was told that I was not allowed to speak with one. They told me my only option was to pay in full and then rudely hung up on me. I recommend that no one ever use this company. They are dishonest and extremely rude! (Not to mention their product doesn't work, but i didn't expect much from them anyway)


  • Nov 3, 2014

"Cleanse Pro" is what the packaging reads. The bank statement reads "Garcinia." The representative on the phone stated that the company was located in Nevada. The return address for the product is located in Santa Ana, CA.

I called to cancel in Sept. I was told my account was cancelled. I was billed again in October. I called again and was assured again that my account was cancelled and I would no longer be receiving any further product.

I was billed again in November. I called again and was told there was no history that I ever cancelled or called. I discussed my account with a rep for 30 mins. Who told me that they don't refund account, and that they I'd have to email them top cancel my account. I looked for their customer service link. There isn't one.

I tried to find them on the BBB website, there was not a matching search result. Now what? I'd be more than happen to take advise from anyone that has to offer it.

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