Clear Choice Communications

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Las Vegas
Address 2121 E Tropicana Ave
Phone 1 702-597-0223

Clear Choice Communications Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

This sub-par home phone company has offered the worst phone service ever. My parents, who are elderly have been using the service for about three years. They have experienced lost calls and call interruption worse than any cell service ever. Every time they called to cancel (over 6 times throughout the course of service) they have sent to the technical department to "fix" the problem. the reception was a little better for a while and then it would go back to how it was before and worse.

Today they called to cancel and again they began with trying to upsell them, promises of fixing the service, etc. When they finally gave up on this tactic, they claimed they needed to verify the account to cancel it. All if a sudden none of the information they were providing was "accurate" according to their records. When they started to get somewhere after quite some time of arguing, they said they had to cancel immediately, not on the 16th, the date my parents needed because the new service will be installed then. They also claimed that they were not going to refund any of the money ( prorate service). The billing cycle starated on the 6th, so they are paid up to July 6th and the company is saying they will do nothing about the 25days of service that they paid for that they will nto be using if they cancelled today.

After going back and forth with them for over an hour, the only result was my father being irate and my mother's nerves and blood pressure being shot! I then called only toend up wanting to throttle the reps myself (Joyce and Christy). Again after I verified the account they started with the account being locked because the verification questions being answered incorrectly (same answers my father set up for security). I am now waiting for the results of an "investigation" into the matter!

Companies like this need to be stopped and prosecuted. Those working for them should grow a conscience! they are ripping people off and going after those that don't know any better or really need to find deals in order to make ends meet. I will be very happy when I hear that this company had to go out of business.

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