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  • Dec 18, 2014

Recieved a call from a company by the name of Clear Credit Services. James Allen (representative of this company) states that my county has some kind of court filing in regards to money owed to from a "loan" that I took out. The loan company (Bahama Marketing Group) supposedley granted me $300 loan back in 2011. This rep from Clear Credit on the phone sounded very sketchy, short, and pushy (automatic red flag for me). He stated that I can pay this off or petition this file. I told him to give me as much info that he has, "James Allen" stated that he has no information from Bahama Marketing Group. He was very quick to verify my old personal info, maybe to sound legit. Overall, still didn't sound right. I collected whatever information that he had and proceeded to my own investigation. I contacted my bank and back tracked to the specific date, 2 months before and 5 months after. Not one notation of the amount or company that performed this "transaction" were on my bank account. I called Clear Credit back to "James Allen" and stated that I have verification of my bank statements and have checked through my credit and found nothing in regards. He then sounded annoyed and "sighing" over the phone. The past posts on this forum sound very consistent with my story. Sounds like they're always saying that we all owe $300 and interest have been collected since. $300 sounds like an estimate that most people would settle paying right away to this company for such a "significant" deal (court date, etc.) and get it out of their hands.

I looked up Bahamas Marketing Group as they are no longer in buisness according to the Better Buisness Burea and have received complaints in regards to "collection/billing" issues.

They try to sound credible and hand you some personal information to bait you. But, this sounds like a total scam. Possibly the same people that were called "Bahama Marketing Group."

I'm further investigatng this company and will follow up.

  • Dec 5, 2014

I Recieved a call everyday from clear credit solution services. After a couple calls I called them to ask what the account number was, and what pay day loan it was. They told me 500 fast cash. I said I already paid that off with debt relief in june 2012. I Ask for account #. It was not the correct # from the one I paid off. They told me I have serious aligations, and my bank, and we are filing a legal documents, From state Law. we need your payment from your credit card today! or you will be having to go to court of sueing fees of $2,ooo .ooo . I ask them what do I owe they said $390.00 but pay $198.00 today now or you go to court. I Ask them why was this a late notice? they then got mean and hang up. I feel they are trying to rip me off . PENNY LOWES LASVEGAS NEVADA

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