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  • Dec 4, 2014

12/3/2014: I have received several calls over the last 2wks that went to voicemail stating that Clear Credit Solutions was trying to reach me for a very important legal matter. Tried to call the number several times as I had no idea what it would be for and just got a wierd voicemail telling me their business hours and that they were closed and to leave a msg. I found this odd as I was calling during their business hours. A couple days went by and I received another call from a gentleman named MR STARK. Mr Stark proceeds to tell me that he is handling a legal matter that I provided bad checking information about my Chase account to a payday loan company called 500Quick Cash. He verified my address and last 4 of my SSN. Then told me that in NV it is a felony to write a bad check and that if convicted I would face jail time. I told him that I never filled out any info with this company and that I was disputing the claim. I looked up this company online and filled out a complaint on their website as well. I let them know that they are violating the FDCPA Laws and that I would file my own complaint if I heard from them again. Know your rights and don't let these scammers push you around!!

  • Nov 17, 2014

I got a message from a company automated system telling me to call them about some legal situation. When I called back a man answered and looked up my file based on the cell phone number I was called on. He then routed me to a man named Jason Aurora who said he worked for CCS, Clear Credit Solutions and that this file was about to be sent over to the attorney unless I paid it off. He said I took a pay day loan for $300 in 2011 and that I made only one payment on it for $90. He said I owed $1,564 with interest and that I needed to pay this now. I told him that I did take a pay day loan but I knew I paid it back. He said "everyone says that they paid it back, that's everyone's story". Then he preceded to tell me that they sent two notices to my home and stated my current address. I told him I do not recall ever receiving these attempts of contact. So then he got real snotty on the phone and said that he will just move forward on this and give it over to the attorneys because I did not want to cooperate and that there will be a warrant out for my arrest.

I asked him to give me a day to review everything that he told me and he said, ok I am about to get out of here for the day so that is fine. I then reviewed the details he gave me. It turns out I never received a payday loan on the date he described. I then called 500 Fast Cash and they confirmed that they never gave me a payday loan. They then asked a series of questions about the company and they confirmed that Clear Credit Solutions is a scam. They have been doing this for quite some time and are very convincing in their delivery and they know legal terms and jargon so as to prey on innocent people and compel them to cough up money for a fictitious debt.

I called the company back yesterday but the phones were disconnected for a couple hours. When I tried again later, a man answered and I told him that I wanted to speak with Jason Aurora. He said that Jason had stepped out of the office and that he could handle whatever I needed. I then told him that I wanted to know more about this payment and thought about paying it, but of course I did not plan to. He was very quick to ask for a credit card, VISA OR MASTERCARD, in order to run the payment. I then told him all about the investigative work that I had done and that his company was a scam. He then pujt me on hold for about a minute, and guess who gets on the phone? JASON AURORA!!! I said to him, I thought you were out of the office for the day. He said, no you must be mistaken. And then he began using his legal b.s. to try to manipulate me again to make a payment or face criminal charges.

Whatever you do, do not make a payment or entertain these people. They are swindlers preying on honest, hardworking people.

I can guarantee that he and one of his "associates" will respond to this report and try to answer it in a legitimate way but remember these are a new breed of scammers, they are not afraid of being caught and are using legal jargon to attempt to get money out of you. DONT FALL FOR IT!!!!

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