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Phone (814) 742-7402

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  • Feb 4, 2015

This company, Clear Credit Solutions, called me on behalf of 500FastCash to collect on a loan they allege I took out two years ago. They have called me multiple times a day for months and left me voicemails threatening to take me to court.

When I did the research the better business beareu site shows that this company is no longer in business and has 39+ complaints.

I also found complaints from other individuals who are also being harassed by these people for the exact same things on various scam reporting sites.

Please beware. They are mean. They are bullies. They will harass you. Do not pay these people your money without doing proper research. I did check my credit report and there is no mention of this company on there so my identity has not yet been stolen thankfully. This company has my name, knows who I bank with, knows who I work for, my home address and the last four of my social security number.

Some of the phone numbers I have been called from are as follows:

  • Sep 27, 2014

9/15/2014: Received 1 of 3 voice mails from number 1-866-813-5627 ext: 329 by the name of Barbara Love saying this call has been directed solely to me stating that she was calling me in correspondance to that has been sent to me. After viewing records there has not been a response and that it is imperative that she gets a respnse from me.

I tried calling back many time but it just went straight to voicemail.

9/22/2014: BARBARA LOVE CALLS MY BOSS AT MY JOB ASKING TO SPEAK TO ME!!! This was embarassing having my boss tell me that someone is looking for me. I immediately call the number she left him and some man picks up the phone. I told him how dare you call my job that is illegal. He sends me to Babara Love. She told me that they are a debt collection agency and that a Fast Cash company has filed a complaint stating that I owe $300 plus a $30 fine.

Long story short they repeated my SS#, last 4 digits of my bank account, my home address, and my father's name I had as a reference. I could not believe this happened and she said you have to be careful now a days what information you put on the internet so I agreed to a settlement gave them my credit card number and agreed to pay $50 on 9/30/2014 and $280 on 9/17/2014. Then they sent me an email of my settlement.

9/26/2014: (Today) I went to my bank to see my statements. The company told me they had depsotied my money to Wells Fargo on May 2013 but I had close my checking account 2 years ago. RED FLAG: I call that number and a man picked up stating that he was an Attorney.

Basically, told me told me if I don't pay that settlement that I would be taken to court and charged as a felony for fraud. Told me that they were going to garnish my wages and if I don't have a wage they will go after my property.

Gave me a whole explanation and reminded me that everything was recorded. I agreed and hung up. It was bothering me so I investigated in the email they sent me contacted 500FastCash directly and tolde them my name and behold I did not owe them any money. THIS IS A SCAM! VERY CONVINCING GROUP OF SCAM ARTISTS.

I cancelled my credit card account and later got back home, found this report, and filed this complaint. I hope this helps others like it helped me!

  • Sep 24, 2014

I received a voicemail (855-974-6377) on 9/16/14 from a company saying that my account had been turned over to them for collection and that I would have a judgment against me and I needed to contact them immediately. I can’t remember exactly what the message said but it was very threatening that I needed to pay them immediately. I called the number back and the gentleman that answered the phone could not find anything under my name or phone number. He said it was probably just a wrong # and that I should just disregard the call. That afternoon I received a voicemail on my work phone with the same threatening voicemail message. I called the number back and left a message. The next day I got a phone call back from a Robert Ross (844-222-1268 ext. 309). He said a company called turned me over to collections because they say I took out a $300.00 payday loan and the loan was funded 4/9/13. He said they sent me two letters requesting payment one in March of 2013 and one in June of 2013. I have never received any letter from anyone regarding money I owe due to a payday loan and I informed Mr. Ross of this. He said that a 1099-C would be filed and that this was going to court and a judgment would be filed against me. I assured him that I never received any money from anyone for a payday loan and that I would confirm that with my bank and call him back. I did confirm with my bank that no money was ever deposited into my account from anyone in the amount of $300.00. I tried to call Mr. Ross back 3 times and left messages and never received a call back.

9/23/14: I called the original phone number I had received the first call from and talked to a very rude Doug Hart who said he was the supervisor. He couldn’t find any of my information by looking it up by my name or phone number. He said he would track down Robert Ross and get him in his office and get to the bottom of this and call me back. He called back and said the reason he didn’t have the information was because this has already been assigned to a court case and that I would be being served papers and would have to appear in court. He said the lending company alleges that I defaulted on this loan on 4/9/13 and that the routing #they deposited money from was 63107513. He said the original loan amount was $300.00 and that I only owed $680.00 now but that he could cut that in half to $340.00 right now if I wanted to settle and not have this go to court. I assured him that I would not be settling to pay on a loan that I never took out. He said that they would be serving me papers at my work and that I would lose because they have a preponderance of evidence against me because they have my SS#, my work place and my electronic signature and a confirmation number that was sent to me. He said I also made one payment of $90.00 on July 5, 2013 from the same bank account that the money was deposited to. I asked him how that was possible when that account was closed in June of 2013. He was extremely rude, very pushy and trying to get me to settle or hang up the phone…I hung up on him.

When I asked what the name of the company was when I called and got Doug Hart he said the name was Clear Credit Solutions.

Message on machine at 844-222-1268 says Law Offices of Putnam & Associates Investigative Offices.

NOTE: when I called on 9/23/14 I called 855-974-6377, when he called me back the call came from 844-222-1268.

9/23/14: I tried calling this company back 3 times to get an address and was received by very rude and defensive people. Not 1 person would give me their address and threatened me with a harassment lawsuit if I ever called them back. I told them that they contacted me first and that I needed their address for my attorney but they would not give it to me. Obviously not a legit company!

It makes me sick that they a pulling this and that people are probably settling and paying them money that they never owed in the first place because they don't want to be served papers and go to court (which would never happen anyway because it's a scam!) How do we shut these people down?????

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