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Address Dept. CH 14365
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CLEAR Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2014

I will start with the fact that I have been using Clear for almost 5 years. The first 2 years it worked great. I was happy to promote their services with family and friends. Then I moved to another house and the speed wasn't great but it was ok. Suddendly, one day, the speed was horribly slow. For months I contacted them until one day I finally got to talk to a manager. They explained to me that they LIMIT YOUR BANDWIDTH if you are using it a lot. So basically , since our family watched too much Netflix (that's what the Clear associate told me) they cut our speed. They even showed me the clause, it's hidden in the contract.

They finally resolve the speed issue but told me they could slow it down if I over use the "unlimited" bandwidth. THEN, I moved again to a home that has no Clear signal at all. I called to cancel the almost $80/month service that went up without my concent. They asked me if I wanted to keep it they would give me a lower rate. I considered keeping the USB dongle since I work at different locations and cancelling the home interent (since by now I got cable). They offered me a rate of $19/month for 6 months if I didn't cancel the USB service. I agreed to that. My first bill (in May) was $19.

The Next Month, I got a bill for $30, they told me they had a $5 increase!!! $19 + 5 is not $30!!! So then, they told me the deal made with me was $25/month for 6 months PLUS 4 of modem rent plus a 25cent. Tax and they charged me $19 the first month because I got a $10 credit. This was a flat lie and missleading so I would keep the service and I would not notice the increase billing. I cancelled right away and I'm waiting on a refund. I'm calling my bank, because I know they don't refund money and they charge for service not provided.

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