Clear Vision Communications

Country United States
State Ohio
City Independence
Address Crowne Centre, 5005 Rockside Rd
Phone (216) 925-8660

Clear Vision Communications Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2015

I was recently employed with the listed company Clear Vision Communication in Independence OH for a short period of time. I am a recent college grad and was hoping this would be my first job starting my career. I was very wrong.

First I will say there was many things about this company that were suspicious about the company. It was almost like the owner came out of nowhere and did not exsist before working and managing the Clear Vision office.

I would like to state that I only worked there for 5 weeks or so. This is a commission only position. You only make money if you sell their service door to door business to business. They are very straight forward with that aspect. The other part is the owner/manager said that he was looking for hardworkers to be promoted into managing their own office.

Ok, so I figured I would try it out. How bad could it be? It is very bad.

First it is more than difficult to sell service to business that dont know or want you coming in unannounced. And the rebuttal some of the other sales people would tell me on TEAM NIGHTS was everything is hard to sell. TRUE! But at alot of other companies they atleast have sales meetings set up.

So you start you day at a nice empty office and get jacked up for the day JUICE (Join Us in Creating Excitement). Then you go out to a specific territory to start going door to door by yourself or a few other people. 99 out of 100 will say no to the service you are selling. After your great day you go back to the office at 6 to report your sales.

Thursdays are team night where you are forced to hang out with the people you work with at a bar. Doesnt sound professional does it.

Dont get me wrong I like working with people my own age but something that was troubling was everyone working there was 26 and under. The manager was maybe 29-30 and seemed old compared to all the employees.

So ok the days are long, you make no money, and the atmosphere is very unprofessional. There are about 10 interviews a day due to the fact people were smarter than me and turned it down. And even the people like myself who took the posiiton quit within a month or so.

So after a few more weeks I was encourage to do better or maybe quit. I was a outsider at this point and was not part of the group. So I quit,

After leaving I had more time to research and looking into all these suspicions I had while working there.

First the manager that came out of nowhere. Well I heard someone call him by his full name which is not Steve Scott like the website says. Its Steve Kordella and once you google his name you will see why he changed it. It is to make sure you dont find out the business that he is involved it. It is a very shaddy practice to change your name on a company website in order to deceive people.

2nd and this is the most alarming- They will list you as a contractor in order to not pay taxes, medicad, and social security like a normal W-2 employee. And this is Never told to you at any point. You find out about it at tax time when you a young, new to the working world former student in debt find out you have to pay a large tax bill.

Now missapplying employees in order to not pay state taxes is a serious offense and I encourage all to research it as I have and have since reported them to the Secretary of States office.

Maybe if they are contact they will be forced to tell their new employees about how they are classified.

Lastly when you find out the managers real name you can draw a line from the other offices that have been opened and closed and moved and the name changes. And you can draw your own conclusions and make your own choices.

to be a salesmen you have to be tough- but to not get a base pay and to have to pay your own taxes at the end of the year that makes it even more of a scam.

  • Mar 7, 2016


You are absolutely right! My son worked there for a week and I could not believe he worked 6 days, 51 hours and did not earn one red cent!!! The area he worked was up the street from our house so he'd get up ride across town get his assignment, ride all the way back up the street where we live and after going door-to-door, ride all the way back to the job and come back home around 8:00-8:30pm on his own gas. Absolutely insane!!! My son just graduated also from college and you do not need a college degree to solicit T-Mobile phone service! I don't know how they sleep at night but scammers usually do.

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