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  • Jul 31, 2014

I ordered this product in February 2013. Due to a series of events, I did not install or use the product until June 2014. The product was in the original shrinkwrap and packaging it was sent in until I opened it and begin using it in June 2014.

The software installed fine and this part of the product I have no complaint with. It seemed to work as designed. I did have 1 incident of a blue screen after installing the software, but can't say whether it was due to this software or not. However, I had not had a blue screen previously or since.

My problem was with the cassete converter. The tapes would occasionally drag, resulting in a distortion of the music. I tried this on several tapes, with the same result.

I attempted to contact the company to see about replacing the converter, using the web help address provided by the company. Two attempts were made approximately 10 days apart. To date I have received no response or acknowledgement from this company.

Apparently this is a web based company and no telephone number was available or provided. At this point, I'm dependent upon this company eventually responding to my e-mail request, but as it has now been at least 2 weeks since my last attempt, I doubt I'm going to hear from them.

I will consider this a lesson learned. Never buy a product like this without phone/physical address support.

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