Clearview FCU

Country United States
State Costa Rica
City Moon Twp
Address 8805 Univeristy Blvd.
Phone 8009260003

Clearview FCU Reviews

  • May 8, 2014

Our CEO wants us to take a survey again and again and again. We took one in 2011 and 2013 both said the same stuff everyone likes to work for Clearview FCU BUT everyone complained about pay and incentives both years. Did upper management listen to the employees no. You have all of upper management saying we are a family. I am sorry I have my own family to feed. This day of age it is hard enough to find a good job and so hard just to leave one and go to another.

They have all these events and waste so much money on them that no one really cares. They give us goals and yes we hit them. The board of directors mind you most of them on it are US AIRWAYS employees or retired ones. When their company went bankrupt our goverment came in and bailed them out. I see it all the time and they are the ones only giving us 1% increase while the banking industry and yes even thou we are a credit union I have one thing to say if it looks like a bank and smells like a bank it is a bank.

So I have one thing to ask them is cut the crap because there are a lot of other credit unions that are way smaller than us giving there employees great benefits and pay. Just remeber what REX JOHNSON have to tell the whole executive board take care of your employees not your members first because they are the back bone of the company if you take care of them they will be great on the phone with members and other employees.

Also tell Jim VP of Lending just to know that he prouds himself so much of his lending department. Those loans have to be processed from some where to begin with they just dont magically show up on your departments loan officers. They are the weakest department I have ever seen I have never heard so many people complain when the only thing they do is just say approve or deny and pass it to somoen else to do and they hate calling memebers back. Well thats it for now.

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