ClearView Paving

Country Canada
State France, Metropolitan
City Woodbridge
Address 120 Woodstream Blvd #3
Phone (416)-967-7010

ClearView Paving Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2014

They are a fly by night company. They now changed their name to ASHPHALT or ASPHALT PAVING. Hired this company to do my drive way, and after six months cracks appeared and sinking spots. Refused to redo even though it's still under warranty. Made bogus accusations of owner being negligent where in fact, cracks started to appear after six months not right after it was paved!! Have hired a more reputable company to asses the damage and they concluded that Clearview only put one inch to half an inch asphalt vs 3inches which should be the standard!! They usually deal cash basis only which should make you be scared! Both of their locations in Woodbridge and Millcreek does not exist. Physically went there and no such business in operation! When you call their hotline, they answer as Asphat Paving. So evident that they already got so many complaints and been sued numerous times that they had to change names. They already have a reputation in ripping off people in the paving industry. I know this because when I was scouting for professional contractors to fix their mess, almost all of them were able to guess that it's clearview without me mentioning their name. Do your research and you will see numerous complaints especially with BBB. As per their website: Owner: Stephen Culmone and Eddie Furtado. There is karma and divine intervention!

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