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ClenseFX Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2014

I signed up for the ""free"" trial, which was supposed to only cost $5.95 for shipping and handling if you cancelled within 14 days. It ended up taking 12 days to get the package, so I called in as soon as I got it. They said I had 14 days from when I received it, based on the shipping tracking information. I was told I had to call by midnight March 17.

The product ended up not doing anything, so I called the afternoon of the 17th. I was given an RMA number, and mailed the product back the next day. Next credit card statement, I saw I was billed the full amount ($93.90) on March 18. I called in, and they couldn't find my file under either my email or phone number. Finally they tracked my order down via my credit card number. The best they could do at that point was tell me that the return might still be being processed, and that I should ""wait and see if I get a refund"".

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