Cleos Vip Room

Country United Kingdom
State Middle Dural
City London
Address 145-157 ST JOHN STREET
Phone 3023514983

Cleos Vip Room Reviews

  • Feb 14, 2015

Yes hello, I have been a player at cleos vip room promotional casino, i have one a few times first time i one 6000.00 went through all of there bells and whistles to get payment took about 5 weeks or so but they finally started sending payments of 2000.00 at a time of three checks good and they cleared. Then just before august i won 30,000.00 it took awhile to get my withdraws started i started to get my withdraws in October at 2000.00 a draw by november 28th they had payed 12000.00 december comes around waiting for withdraw nothing on first week so i talked to cleos chat they told me there server was down they told me i would get an email from them i waited and waited it comes to second week in december i get the same run around i do keep all records of the chats that i have with them stating they are going to pay me i tried to go to another website to help me to get my money they were able to get me another check 1-26-2015 i was told i would get payment this week with more delays and excuses of my checks coming they still owe me 15000.00 if some one could help thank you.

  • Nov 26, 2014

Me canselaron mi cuenta sin darme razon despues de que gane y me tenia que pagar me canselaron la cuenta Y yo hise muchos depositos de 1000 dolares y cuando ya porfin gane me cierran mi cuenta y lo peor que no me rembolsaron mi dinero que deposite yo le digo no depositen en ese casino es un robo total

I canselaron my account without my reason after you win and I had to pay me canselaron account I hise many deposits $ 1000 and when porfin beat me close my account and worst not rembolsaron my money to deposit I will say no deposit at the casino is a total rip

  • Jul 7, 2014

I accrued a bunch of virtualspree points and never used them. One time I complained and reported them because I had charges taken out that I never got credited for because their processor was messed up. I sent them my personal documents including Bank statements etc. and they denied it. Although, it was a 30. dollar charge they would not credit me for what they took from my bank account. I reported them and then they banned me from the casino. I have thousands of dollars I spent in that casino and my credits, I have no access to. I tried to resolve the issue with a customer service person and they were belligerant.I told them if this was not resolved, I would report them.

  • Jul 7, 2014


This is Cleos VIP Room.

The player was suspended after a decision taken by our Risk Management Team. The player may still use the VS Points she has left at the Virtual Spree store, this was not restricted in any way.


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