Country United States
State Alabama
City Atlanta
Address 772 Barnett Street
Phone 706 225 9394
Website http://dananton.com/


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  • Oct 4, 2016

Dan anon seo wikipedia has been deleted from wikipedia four times. He sold me a bunk software program "crowd search me". Dan anton seo sold this to me from the warrior forums. I actually hurt my search engine page ranking. I went from serp 4 to serp 11 after i used it.

Dan anton seo would provide no refund.

I found dan anton seo because i saw his wikipedia page. He seemed legitimate because he had a wikipedia page.

I later found out that wikipedia had deleted dan anton seo wikipedia pages because he was scamming wikipedia.

Dan anton seo posted to wikipedia four times. Dan anton seo said he had developed "award winning software" on his wikipedia page.

Here is some of the data for dan anton seo deletion from wikipedia:

This is the link you can cut and paste:


18:09, 12 january 2015 hj mitchell talk | contribs) deleted page dan anton g10: attack page or negative unsourced blp)

14:28, 10 december 2014 yunshui talk | contribs) deleted page dan anton g11: unambiguous advertising or promotion: a7: article about a real person, which does not indicate the importance or significance of the subject)

Here is one more deletion page from wikipedia.


01:23, 13 january 2015 ponyo talk | contribs) deleted page daniel b. Anton attempt to get around the salting of dan anton)

Dan anton seo would not refund the cost of crowd search me.

Wikipedia pages indicate some value of honesty and integrity. I did business with dan anton seo while his wikipedia page was up. I do not blame wikipedia. Wikipedia was scammed by dan anton seo wikipedia pages just like dan anton seo scammed me.

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  • Nov 28, 2016

Dan Anton SEO

Dan Anton seo is a true scam artist. He also does FAKE consumer reports to cover the REAL Consumer protection reports about him ripping people off. Dan Anton SEO does abuse Wikipedia and he runs link farms and sells backlinks. Dan Anton SEO is a real piece of work. Hopefully the FTC will shut him down.

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