Eddie Frankum/HALO Protection Services/HALO Private Investigations

Country United States
State Texas
City Corsicana
Address 410 N. 14th Street
Phone 903-875-4256

Eddie Frankum/HALO Protection Services/HALO Private Investigations Reviews

  • May 8, 2018

Eddie frankum? Halo private investigations, halo protection services eddie frankum/halo is a fraud!!!!!!!!! he will take your money and give you nothing in return. I filed a lawsuit against him in dallas, texas 68th district court and won we had a jury trial and all 12 juros agreed. The verdict was unaimous. He lost the lawsuit and i won!

When i first filed the lawsuit, he went and filed for bankrupcty but later had to withdraw his bankruptcy claim. It's par for him to file bankrupcty so the people he owes can't get anything back from him but like i said, he had to withdraw his bankrutpcy claim and stand trial. The trial began on monday, the 23rd of april and ran through friday, the 27th of april, 2018.

The trial lasted from monday through thursday evening and the jury began deliberations on friday and came back with a unanimous decision ruling against eddie frankum and halo protections services. They're one in the same.

He took over $20,000.00 from me to investigate a postconviction case and never did one thing. He will take your money and promise you things that he absolutely cannot do. He lies, schemes and takes advantage of people in a bad place in their lives. There are others he has done this too but after giving him all the money they had, they couldn't afford to sue him. Some of them have posted on ripoff.Org and some on scamity.com he is a crook and a fraud.

Look online how he was fired from the pelican bay police department in texas. There are several articles about it. He claims he filed a lawsuiy against them and won and that’s a lie.

Beware!!!!!!!!!!!! please do not give this man your money. He is a thief, a fraud and a liar!

I’m not afraid of him though. He did send me a threating email but he's just a bully. He isn't going to do one thing regarding his threats.

I'm not afraid to give my name either because everything i have posted is the absolute truth.

Vivian schwarz, asheboro, north carolina

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