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Fidelity Estate Services Reviews

  • Dec 22, 2017

We scheduled our estate sale with fidelity estate services which is mr. Bo patrick's company. It is our experience that mr. Patrick after several requests did not deliver a signed copy of the contract.

It is our experience that mr. Patrick did not return phone calls and voice mail messages. It is our experience that mr. Patrick did not respond to any emails. How can you have a professional relationship without any form of communication? You cannot!! furthermore, mr. Patrick never called or emailed us during a fourteen day prior to the sale.

It is our experience with mr. Patrick that he takes 35% off the top of the sale. He says that he commands that amount because he can sell our items at a higher price, but this was not what we experienced. He sold a $1500 bronze for $525, and a $32,000 music box for $500. It is my opinion that you should run from this guy. Mr. Patrick "gave" our items away, he did not "sell" anything. He could not command higher prices even though he told us that he could get the most money for our items. This was such a joke.

Mr. Patrick did not inform us that he also charges the customers an additional 15% Plus sales tax). When one of my neighbors inquired about the charge, the employee said, "that is the only way we can make any money." since he charges that, it makes the customers hold back increasing their bids because they have to keep in mind that they have to pay this percentage in the end.

We had a very poor turn out and most of the people that came to our sale were dealers. We know this because we asked several of them. It is our experience that several items were broken by the employees of fidelity estate services Fes), but no one ever mentioned the broken items to us and we were not paid for them either.

It is our experience that mr. Patrick took several native american indian rugs and disney cells to do research on them, but he never got back to us to discuss what he discovered or what prices he could get for them.

Mr. Bo patrick and all of his employees left at approximately 2:30 pm. Mr. Patrick called us at 2:00 p.M. Called us and said the sale is over and what should he do with the house. We had already told him to lock up and put the key under the mat. Although, clients were still moving furniture and items from the home. No one was checking what these people were taking against a list of who paid for what. We had to stay until almost 6:00 p.M. Which was when everyone was done. It is my opinion that this was very unprofessional. Moreover, they left a mess everywhere.

A very important point is mr. Patrick did not sell all of the items that he was contracted to sell and he sold other items that we wanted to keep. He was not knowledgable and could hardly sell any high end dolls from our doll collection. I personally instructed mr. Patrick to preserve all of the totes and they are not for sale. If something is in a tote, then move it to a plastic garbage bag and retain the tote. The caterer even stole two of our totes even when they were asked to return them.

Other items were missing from our home like a manganese aluminum hand truck, several pairs of brand new men's shorts and brand new king size pillows with covers on them. When we asked mr. Patrick about them, he gets all upset that you are accusing him of stealing, but mr. Patrick was the last person who had his hands on our handtruck and the only people who were at our residence was mr. Patrick and his employees. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. Right?

Okay, i could continue on, but i will stop here for tonight. There are so many issues that we experienced with mr. Patrick and his employees when we had before, during and after our sale and they are all bad. For this reason, it is my opinion that i would not hire him or his company ever again. When i have time, i may add to this post or begin a new one.

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