Flame Heating & Cooling

Country United States
State Bulgaria
City Warren
Address 2200 E. Eleven Mile Road
Phone 5865821700
Website www.flamefurnace.com

Flame Heating & Cooling Reviews

  • May 15, 2014

In Feb of 2011 I purchased Flames Gold Service Plan which includes an A/C inspection in the spring and a Furnace inspection in the fall. In addition you also receive a 10% discount on purchases from the company plus they say that when you need service a Gold Service Plan member is moved to the front of the service line.

During the 2011/2012 winter season Flame did not provide me with a Furnace inspection which was part of my maintenance service plan. Then in Dec of 2011 my Furnace went out and when I called for service it took Flame over 36hrs to respond and fix it. Now keep in mind they didnt miss or skip a billing cycle on my credit card account.

Then in the spring (May) of 2012 Flame came out to service my A/C for the season. They told me that I was about a pound low on Freon. This indicated a leak in my system somewhere so they offered me their Platinum Plus Service Plan. This plan includes everything as in the Gold Service Plan but also includes an annual Plumbing inspection and an annual Electrical inspection. The Platinum Plus Service Plan also includes a 20% discount on purchases instead of the 10% discount as in the Gold Service Plan.

So I purchased (upgraded) to the Platinum Plus Service Plan. This way when I decide to purchase a new A/C and Furnace system, I would get a 20% discount on the system. I had contacted Flame on three (3) different occasions to get a sales representative to come and give me a quote on a system. Plus I had contacted Flame in regards to the breach of contract while I was under their Gold Service Plan but Flame was not interested in making things right with me and just gave me their pat answer and said that they are a Good company with good employees and that the issues will be addressed and never happen again.

So in June 2012 I had a sales representative come out and give me a quote on a new A/C and Furnace system. I was told that I would receive a 20% discount on the entire system plus the remaining balance left on my Platinum Plus Service Plan which was the entire balance because I just purchased that service plan the month prior. I was also to receive a manufacture rebate on the system plus a rebate from my utility company. I agreed to what Flame had offered me and the next day Flame came out to install the new system.

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