Flanigan Brothers Septic

Country United States
State Georgia
City Dacula
Address 1670 Daniel Park Dr
Phone 770-450-0644
Website http://flaniganbrothersseptic.com/

Flanigan Brothers Septic Reviews

  • May 15, 2015

I called them and asked them how much it would cost to pump out my septic system. I was quoted a price of $199. They came out and dug it up and then said it would cost me $3,500 to fix the problem. I asked what the problem was and they couldn't really give me a clear response. I then asked how much to just pump it out and they said it would be almost $800 but it wouldnt last more than a week. I said I could not afford the $800 and they offered a payment plan. I told them nevermind and they said I had to pay $125 service fee which I paid. They left my yard huge mess and my driveway has oil spots all over it from their equipment/truck. I have since contacted an honest septic service and there is NOTHING wrong with the system, it was just over filled. For $400 it is pumped clean and working wonderfully. As another person posted they do the bait and switch scam. Shame on them!!! I cannot understand how they can get away with ripping people off like this. I feel bad for those who fall victim to their tactics.

  • Apr 28, 2015

My Wife and I bought our house “new” in 2005. Before the end of 2007 we started having problems with our septic tank, along with several other homes within a 200 yard radius. So, we had to have a company come out and pump the tank. This company was on time, had great communication skills, protected our yard from the digging machinery, pressure washed the tank, and allowed us to visually inspect it when they were done. The price for this pump was 475.00.

Flash forward to current day (April 21, 2015.) . We called and scheduled for Flannigan’s Septic Service to pump the tank on April 26, 2015. It has been seven years since the tank was pumped, of which Flannigan’s had knowledge. Flannigan told us that they would call one day in advance and then again 1 hour before they arrived. We did NOT get a call one day before, and had to call them back the day of to find out if they were still coming.

The person that answered was the same person we scheduled with and he told us that he had forgotten to put us on the books, but that someone would call us and get out there that afternoon. After waiting another hour we had to call back because no one ever called us back. When the guy did finally call us he said it would be later that afternoon. At around 2:20 PM they called and said they would be here in an hour, and they were. (This would turn out to be the only thing they did right). When they arrived at around 3:00PM and started digging and went thru all of the things that were wrong with our system and proceeded to give quotes of repairs starting at 2500.00 up to 6000.00.

I explained to him that all I had was 200.00 and that I had –had to borrow that from my Dad, and didn’t have any more to spend on the pump. Here is a good time to mention that this company advertises Pumps for 149.99. However, when you call you find out that there is a 50.00 Environmental Fee that is not mentioned on their website. Fine, it’s still a good price. Ok- back to work! So, this guy running the truck is young, arrogant, and rude all through the entire process. Complaining that he has to pump solids off of the surface instead of the bottom of the tank??? WTH is the diff??? Anytime I tried to explain to him that there were numerous homes that had poor workmanship and lousy installations of systems, he would just shrug me off and insist that I didn’t have a clue as to what I was talking about, and that it was our fault for not maintaining the tank.

He went on to gouge me and my family for an additional 75.00 before he would pump it. (So do the math- 149.99 + 50.00 + 75 = 275.00) . This kid did not have good communication skills, did NOT protect our yard or driveway from the digging machinery, did NOT pressure wash the tank, and did NOT ask us if we wanted to visually inspect the tank. This company DID waste our entire day with poor communication skills, DID tear up a portion of our yard with the tracks from the digging machinery, DID take advantage of us and price gouge us, and DID leave the holes in the yard un-shaped ( They didn’t rake the dirt over the backfilled holes for a tidy appearance). They also left Oil leaks from the truck on the road in front of our house. As far as I know they did pump the tank all the way down, but since I was not asked to come and see I really can’t be sure. What I am sure of is that there is a HUGE difference between a 149.99 (lol) (275.00) pump and a 475.00 pump. In this scenario you get what you pay for- For Sure!

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