Flash Auto Sales

Country United States
State Australia
City Castle Rock
Address 1221 Caprice Drive
Website www.flashautosales.com

Flash Auto Sales Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2014

I bought a truck from Flash Auto Sales in October 2014. While I was completing an inspection on this truck, I noticed there was a "clank" in the rear wheel. When confronting the dealer about this, they said "it's fine". When my husband told them that we would not purchase the truck without this being inspected, the dealer agreed to take the tire off so we could look at the wheel. It was the emergency brake that had fallen out of the brake system.

The dealer then agreed to sign a We Owe to fix the rear brakes. Since everything was in writing, I agreed to purchase this truck and paid cash for it right then. This was on a Monday, the dealer agreed to have the brakes fixed on that Tuesday and I was to pick up the truck on Wednesday.

I drove back to Castle Rock on Wednesday, from Colorado Springs, to pick up the truck. In the front seat there was a set of brake pads. The wife told me that her husband was unavailable to talk to me but the mechanic said there was a rear seal leak and they didn't feel comfortable replacing the pads. I went ahead and took the truck back to Colorado Springs so I could get the brakes inspected myself.

My mechanic inspected the brakes and found there was a rear seal that had been leaking, it had been fixed, however the drum was not fitting the wheel properly.

I contacted Flash Auto Sales right away so they could make good on their We Owe. They asked me to bring the truck back to their mechanic. When he re-inspected it, he agreed the seal had been fixed, they agreed to change the pads and wanted me to pay for the drum. When I told him that was not the agreement, the MECHANIC paid for the drum to complete the We Owe.

On a personal note, the owner of Flash Auto Sales is unprofessional. When the mechanic was on the phone with her, he had to tell her to calm down and take deep breaths. She was very rude to me on the phone, through e-mail and through the mail. I never have been upset over this. All I wanted was for them to make good on their agreement. They better thank their lucky stars they have a very good mechanic they work with who saved them from a lot of hassle.

I personally just wanted to get this out there to say that I would never buy another car from this dealership. I also wanted to make everyone else out there aware this mom and pop shop will try and get away with anything they possibly can to make a buck. Just be careful.

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