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  • Nov 3, 2014

I bought a Novatel Mifi4510L from Tom Brossco for $139. I recieved the email from paypal saying he got the money, then one email from Mr. Brossco with a USPS tracking number. A month and a half later the USPS tracking web page still says they are waiting for the package. And he doesn't respond to emails or answer his phone. I have been informed by his ex business partner that Tom Brossco no longer has the means to perform the mifi and phone flashing services he is still selling on his websites, flashedphones.net and flashedmifi.net.

  • Apr 17, 2014

At first I thought Flashedphones.net was a good idea, an honest company. I read reviews and barely came to find any bad ones... The few that were bad had nothing to do with the actual service you're paying for. I guess you can say I learned the hard way.

I made an appointment for them to flash my galaxy 3 over the computer. They said 10pm eastern time to be waiting online with my phone hooked up and they would email me with further directions. An hour went by and no one replied to my emails asking what was taking so long. Finally when I received a reply they were rude and acted like they did nothing wrong... I had watied two hours until thet actually flashed my phone.

All went pretty well for a week until my boyfriend and babysitter tried to call me. Someone from flashedphones was picking up my calls from another device and replying to the texts I was supposed to be recieving saying I hadnt paid my bill so the account was theirs. The service I had paid for was $150.00 which included the first month of service, so clearly they were mistaken. So I called my own number and they hungup on me... I then emailed them and they told me I had disputef them through paypal and taken my money back so they now had rights to the account they paid for. I assured them they had me confused. After three emails with no response they told me they were wrong and apologized. But still kept intercepting my calls until days later.

Fast forward another week, I tried to send a text when my phone said I had insufficient funds... I called verizon and found out my account was not a new account they had set up but a recycled one. i had no access to it because the names were randI'm Jane Doe types but I did habe the password for the account. So I could reload it eventually. But I emailed them to question why I had to pay, and nothing...

I had got the phone flashed in March. In June, my internet completely stopped working, but I still had to pay for the service in order to have my phone work. When I asked them about it my emails went unanswered. I wanted the problems fixed but they wouldn't even speak with me to talk it through.

Overall, I would never recommend this company. They have no skills in customer service and only want your money.

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