Flat & Filthy

Country Sweden
City Hisings Backa
Address Aröds industriväg 76 422 43
Phone 4670.4199.381
Website http://flatfilthy.se/

Flat & Filthy Reviews

  • Feb 25, 2015

I found this designer on Dribbble and he begged me to pay him via Wire Transfer instead of PayPal because "they were going to hold his money for over 20 days" and he desperately needed money. I did so, and it was the worst decision i've ever made. Zeki doesn't deliver on time, and he avoids communication via email or skype. He constantly promises to update me "tomorrow" but then i don't hear back until several days later, usually with another promise to update me "tonight" or "tomorrow." He sent me once an email with an "update" with no attachement, and he's sent me a broken dropbox link, probably to get me off his back for another day. I've requested a refund, but he continues to dodge the request.

I will update this report once I resolve this issue. Please beware of working with this "company."

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