Flat Rate Answering Service

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Jacksonville
Address 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West
Phone 800-203-5880
Website www.flatrateansweringservice.com/

Flat Rate Answering Service Reviews

  • Oct 18, 2014

Do not use Flat Rate Phone Answering Service - Dennis Holmes

unless you'd like to lose money and the reputation of your business. You certainly get what you pay for with this company. This service consisently texted me the wrong telephone numbers to return my clients calls. They have rude operators and supervisors and do not comply with any phone service regulations.

I tried to discuss my concerns with the owner of the company (and the company is a ghost by the way, you will see they have no address, no "real" people to contact) but he was not available - EVER.

After receiving the rudest customer service call I have EVER dealt with in my 30+ years of professional service I tried to contact the owner, who eventually sent me an email stating he was sorry it didn't work out. The rude customer service supervisor was the best they had and if that wasn't good enough, sorry - he was on vacation.

I called ever day asking for him and not one operator ever told me he was on vacation.

Oh and by the way a refund for my unsatisfactory services was not possible? REALLY? I lost over $1,000 in business and you can't call me on the phone to listen to a serious problem you are having running your business AND you want to keep the $40? WOW!

Irene the "supervisor" of this company is EXTREMELY unprofessional. When I called to check on ANOTHER wrong number texted, as she was smacking her gum on the phone said "You don't know that - I called it and got an answering machine" Yes, I said I did get a number, but I am certain it is not the right one? She said "you don't know that" I asked if she could check the caller ID and confirm and she replied "That's confidentail information" What? You send it to me at the end of every day in your report how can it be confidential? I told her she was rude and I didn't want her answering the phone OR callling my clients and she laughed, yes laughed and said "I'll just tell Dennis to cancel your service" Yes, that's how they handle customer service.

Do not use their services they do not care about you or your company they are flim fam. And when I shared with Dennis that I was going to let everyone know how horrible their service was, guess what? He didn't respond, he could care less.

Dennis DID contact me VERY quickly when I first set my account up and the Credit Card on file didn't go through. I had called it in lost. But he was available then to take my money and send me a nasty letter that if the charge didn't go through the service would report my business as disconnected.

I'm going to say it one more time - Don't use Flat Rate Phone Anwering Service - Dennis Holmes - Irene - Are scam artist who do not care about you or your company.

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