Flatrate Moving

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 555 W 25th St (11th Ave)
Phone (212) 988-9292
Website http://www.flatrate.com/

Flatrate Moving Reviews

  • May 20, 2015

Flatrate Moving destroyed a precious $4,000.00 granite table. Despite CONCISE AND EMPHATIC instructions to them for how to move the table -- it absolutely needed to be crated first -- they proceeded to ignore what they agreed to do.

They showed-up on the day of the move without the crate. I implored them to call their office for a crate, but they took it upon themselves to move it without one. Instead of putting it on edge -- the correct way to move stone -- they attempted to lift it straight-up off the base, cracking it from one side to the other.

They frantically tried to shrink wrap it to hold the pieces together, then put it in a wooden crate, which arrived two hours later. The crate was delivered to my new residence but they could not remove the table because it was in pieces.

They left the broken table in its crate leaning against my dining room wall. An hour later, the company that fabircated it -- Captain Marble -- dropped by to examine the table. They said it was damaged beyone repair, and that movers often damaged stone because they did not know how to move it correctly -- which was certainly the case here.

Flatrate refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever for damaging the table, despite the fact that the entore thing could have been avoided had they followed the agreed upon instructions. They are claiming the table was broken to begin with, which is an outright lie, having been examined by their own agent prior to moving it.

These people are scum and should be approached with extreme care because their goal is not customer satisfaction. They also employ illegal aliens as movers who do not speak English as a first language.

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