Fleetwood Mobile Homes

Country United States
State Denmark
City Sealy

Fleetwood Mobile Homes Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2014

Special ordered a 2006 Fleetwood Mobile Home. Suppose to be the best...wrong. Informed Fleetwood stand behind its home. Wrong!

Had a faucet repair. No access door and no where to even put an access door. Called dealership...""can't help you"". Called Fleetwood headquarters. Took me a minute or two to wrap my head around it but it seems Fleetwood filed bankruptcy since 2006 so there was no one to talk to. How about those Fleetwood dealerships I still see. Oh...that is not the same Fleetwood. Huh? Fleetwood...Inc, Corp., or whatever, filed bankruptcy, but kept the Fleetwood name with different initials behind it!

Fleetwood...I am shaking my head and saying shame on you! But you are pretty darn smart...file bankruptcy...get those customers that trusted you off your back...and keep on fooling people by selling Fleetwood Mobile Homes...with the assumption that you are the original, highly trusted company.

I am angry and disappointed in Fleetwood Mobile Homes.

I would like other people that are making their choice to know about this ""rip-off scheme"".


Sealy, Texas.

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