Fletcher & Associates

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 40 Wall Street, New York, 28th Floor
Phone 877-795-8531
Website http://sfletcherassociates.com/

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  • Feb 28, 2015

WARNING: This is a fake law firm!!!!!

Method of operation:

Step 1: Establish a website in Canada and operate out of Canada.

Step 2: Establish a virtual office in the U.S. to give the company legitimacy.

Step 3: Find out information about people who were defrauded and contact them.

Step 4: Persuade the defrauded victim to retain the services of the fraudulent law firm.

Step 5: Persuade the defrauded victim to sign documents and send a payment to retain services.

Step 6: Payment is received at the virtual office mail service and then forwarded to an address in Canada.

Step 7: The fraudulent law firm establishes a time to shut down the operation as soon as it collects enough money from the victims. By the time the authorities are on to the operation it is too late.

I hope that I saved someone from these nefarious individuals

"Please read the F.B.I. fraud alerts to receive information on how to spot these fake law firms."

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  • Jun 20, 2015

Fraud. I had a bad investment with an oil prospector a while. Got a call from an individual from Fletcher and Associates using the name John Spenser. Was told they had investigated the company I had invested in and found they had committed fraud and through agreement had secured 100s of thousands of dollars from them.

This was supposedly accomplished to keep him from going to prison. They claimed that they could get 70% of my investment funds back. I would need to sent them $5200.00 as my part for their handling, I did foolisly and they are a fraud and even though they have a website and Stephen Fletcher if listed under lawyers from New York, S. Fletcher and Assoc. does not exist and this is a con.

  • Mar 19, 2015

Confirming the all out push to have you send thousands of dollars so they can complete out of court settlement from previous financial dealing. Their nice website lawyer names do not match the New York Bar records, their website appears to be brand new....their phone numbers do not come back to New York....Fake Law Firm Appearance.....

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