Flex Trax

Country United States
State Czech Republic
City Cleveland
Address 2765 Michigan Ave Rd NE
Website www.flextrax.com

Flex Trax Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2014

Received my order from flextrax and one of the pieces was shipped broken. Tried installing on my truck and discovered these are way more difficult than what they say on their website. They were to loose and I tried every way to see if they would go on safely. They do not seem safe and since they sent part of my order broke and for them not to notice this as they boxed them up , I was confident to send them back. I tried calling and had no success.I finally got an email sent to them and Tony bright said he can not refund my money as I had clicked on something stating no returns. I did not see that and explained they are in brand new condition and broke and I would like to return them with a full refund. He said he cannot do that. I feel I am being ripped off by this person. It's only been a few days I got these in the mail.I guess he knows his products are being sent to customers with no refund. If they were of quality he probably would be glad to please his customers.

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