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  • Sep 17, 2014

Tarek & Christina El Moussa teamed up with a company called Premium financial training. You get tickets in the mail or an email to attend a seminar regarding their HGTV show Flip or Flop and under the name Flip Advantage. The gift you're promised just for attend the one seminar id a cheap no name mp3 player. With also being told Tarek &Christina would be there. They were not present. We were told they could not attenddye to ffilming of their HGTV show.

These people sell you on attending a 3 day seminar for 1997.00. With that you were to access to a line of credit to fund your deals. You also could purpose their product Tax Lien Vault at a discount.

I paid for both with the understanding I could get a refund of the 1997.00 at anytime within 90 days or at the end of 6 mos they would send back your money due to that if you had not written one contract or worked this so called program. However that's not the case. During the 3 day event sseveral were asked to leave and said were given a full refund of their money cause they asked to many questions. Were negative, didn't like how fast the speaker talked, temperature of the room.

I attended this only because of the funding of flips I wanted to due. The speaker referred to himself as being called Fryman. His nickname. Thid event turned my stomach. He put people down left the so called funding or line of credit to the very end. After you are harassed many times to pay this huge out ragious fee to be mentored and attend a Vegas Summit with many stars.

Prices ranged from discounted at the event only. Between 23,000-44,000.00. You were given homework. Get 50 000.00 in seed money. Use your credit cards, home equity lines of credit. Call your family friends. Etc.oh and go apply for new credit cards. If you. Got new cards just show the approval of that card. They had software to build your buyer seller database and find properties before they go into foreclosure. Those who didnt buy into the training which stopped after you closed on properties and got cash to you equal to the amount paid. Training stopped at that time.

Several of us were approached many times trying to get us to fork over money on this program. The speaker called you in so many words worthless, never be anything. Go home set back on your couch watch your tv. Never have anything. If you're broke now not buying this you will remain broke. That they were rich and to hang with them pay up.

I.personally was approached 3 times to pay over 43,000. For this crap they wanted me in their circle cause I have the knowledge and power to do this. We dont get access to any software cause refused to go in debt on the so called program. Also at the end to get a refund they want proof of 25. Rejected contract offers. Copy of your license want at least 3CMAs. Wth is a CMA?

They want all of this to show your picture during events. Embrass you stating look tjis person named so n so couldn't do it. Wouldn't work the program. 60 days to get all this to UT and then they will decide if you get a refund. Which could take up to 60 days to process.

Someone needs to stop this company. Price the same if you were single or a group of 5 working together on houses. Stop putting people in debt. Give refunds on the spot for not delivering what's promisef. Hope this couple removes themselves from this company along with HGTV. they are giving them a bad reputation. Contacting HGTV next.

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  • Dec 15, 2014

3-Day Workshop

I just completed the 3-day workshop and agree with the Sept.17th review. I did receive a lot of very useful information about the r/e market and will implement many of their ideas. My main purpose for attending was to learn how to put my own quality power team together, so I was disappointed. I also thought we would have access to their investor pool for financing. This also was not the case. I, too, thought Tarek and Christina would be speaking, not all the time but at least one day. I guess that was my assumption based on their picture on all the literature.

I was surprised to learn that this company is only 10 months old because Fryman gave the impression that it has been up and running for much longer. There were motivational gimmicks employed to create the "urgency to act" whether for the advanced training or to begin finding properties. Personally I'll be more inclined to pay for the advanced training (and feel good about it) after I've done a few wholesale deals. While I was receptive and remain excited about it - I even concede that occasionally I need a swift kick in the rear to get me going . . . . I hate being manipulated. Maybe they don't understand what the term workshop really means.

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  • Oct 5, 2014


Some one needs to put a lawsuit on this company...I can't believe they are taking innocent hardworking people money.. I'm going to do my best to end this business.

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  • Nov 19, 2014


Can you say "Scam"???

The goons signing everyone in were a JOKE, but as it turned out, they were just the opening act!

After being directed to our (unassigned and no-ticket-needed-for) seats, we were addressed by a young man, (in a suit that he must have purchased on clearance at Baby Gap, because it was at least two sizes too small for his apparently steroid-pumped body.) This " bouncer-esque" looking guy warned us about not recording in ANY way, as it violated copyright laws, (haha! YEAH! Because this group is SO "law-abiding"!) and told us that we'd better turn off our phones, or else!

Let the show begin!

The main speaker, whose name escapes me, was a poster child for shady used car salesmen everywhere! With his slicked back hair and Dentine smile, I just KNEW the BS was about to flow freely for the next few hours..... He did NOT disappoint!

*** For those of you who have attended, "Can I get a Yes?")

This joker even went so far as to fake responses from the audience! (He'd pose a question, then when the answers didn't go along with his scripted BS, he'd pretend he heard someone call out the answer he wanted to hear!)

But WAIT!! The " fun" didn't end there! THEN, some clown by the name of Karl Noons, (check out his LinkedIn profile - interesting!) came out to sing the praises of the "Tax Lien Vault" program - MORE bull! This guy uses shame tacticsand tries talking down to you to get you to buy-in to the BS.

Apparently, his daughter had driven down to see him and was in the audience, (as he felt compelled to tell us. As if that makes him less of a horse's ass?? ..... I wonder if she knows her dad is a scam-artist.....)

FINALLY! He wrapped up his crap fest! THEN came the "gifts!" A faux-pod, AND a mail-in card (YOU pay the postage,) to enter into a drawing they'll be doing over the next TWELVE months for an iPad!

Oh..... The "Free CD-rom" that was promised..... You have to go to a website and DOWNLOAD (a virus-filled) copy!

I'm skeptical by nature, so the ONLY reasons I went were to get some kid-free time with the hubby and to see Tarek and Christina, (since I WAS a fan of their show.) Well...... At least part of my expectations were met - I enjoyed being with my better half for the afternoon, so it wasn't a TOTAL waste. Oh...... And I DID receive a hotel pen and note pad, (that they kept INSISTING we write stupid notes on!) along with a bag of (GENERIC) snacks that my kids will enjoy, along with a (Dollar store quality) mp3 player that's ALMOST as cheesy as the first speaker.

Thanks for the "lovely" gifts, Tarek, Christina, and ASSociates! However, you will NOT be receiving ONE cent of my hard-earned money!

Folks, save your money, for this program is DEFINITELY a "F-L-O-P"!!!!!!

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  • Oct 5, 2014

My experience was different... But

I had the opposite experience. I was told clearly that I had to provide proof I had worked the system in order to get any refund. And I never felt pressured. And we were taught exactly what a CMA was in the training. Your post makes me wonder if you even went to the training or paid attention. We have deals in the works now and will keep you posted on our progress.

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  • Oct 6, 2014


So you think it is worthwhile and worth the money? I am scheduled to go this weekend but now getting cold feet from reading questionable reviews.

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  • Nov 19, 2014


Makes ME wonder if you don't work for these crooks!

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  • Nov 25, 2014

Are you f*ing nuts?

This is about as much of a rip-off as there is out there in the "get rich in real estate" circles. I do not have the time to write all the

things that I found repulsive. After the first hour of the three day class I knew that I had seen this guy before. A presenter for a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar. Just a paid mouthpiece. After that seminar where they used the same tactics I came home and burned his books.

Can't say enough bad things!

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  • Dec 4, 2014

what will i do..

wow...what will i do..i just bought their 3 days class and tax lien vault..

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  • Jul 29, 2016

Thank God The Hotel Seminar is Free

A buddy of mine and I went to one of the free events at a near-by hotel and were completely not ready for what was coming our way. The first of the two guys was a complete asshat for lack of a better word. He was cocky and incredibly condescending as he strutted around the front of the room talking about how rich he is and how poor everyone else is. Not to mention Tarek and Christina werent even there, and made a very meager attempt to associate themselves with the group with a 1 minute video explaining they were too busy (which makes sense and is somewhat understandable, so we didnt mind too much). After the first guy got done, we were 30 seconds away from getting up and leaving because there was no way we were sitting through another hour and a half of listening to that piece of work talk, but another guy came up front and took over. So we stayed, reluctantly. He talked about tax liens and how they saved his life, and was a much better speaker and MUCH more friendly so that is a plus.

At the end, they tried to pitch us their paid classes and courses. We knew that was coming because this seminar wasnt our first rodeo, so we basically got up, grabbed our cheap little mp3 player and walked out.

Was it a complete waste of 3 hours of my life? I would say, probably not. There were a couple of good nuggets of information that they managed to share. Do I wish it would have been, say, maybe an hour instead of 3? Yeah, definitely. But it is what it is now i guess.

If you know nothing about RE investing, my advice is DO NOT GO. You wont be filling an entire notebook with great information from this seminar, not even close. Its a sales pitch, just like all the others, but this one is 95% sales pitch and 5% information. There is definitely better out there.


  • Nov 1, 2015

I liked the 3 day Seminar

It was worth the 1997. Alot of good information that l didnt know. I was Blessed and inherited a commercial property from my aunt. As well bought a single family home to rent out to veterans and with the info that l was taught was worth it. I will use the info l got and use some leverage and use it to my advantage.

Although l wasn't willing to go in debt for the bootcamp. I like to be in charge of how l get into debt. Good or bad debt. But kudos to those who spent the $26k - $74k for the boot camp. Personally if l had access to 52k, l would pay off my mortgage.

In life you have to Pay something to Play the game. It depends on what you find worth while.

I liked the 3 day class and recommend it.


  • Apr 18, 2015


This is a huge, idiotic scam. I sincerely hope these idiots with their names on it lose their show and everything else.

  • Mar 20, 2015

My Experience Was Opposite of Majority Here, Also

My wife and I attended the free session offered at a nearby hotel and ended up signing up for the three day seminar. We went because we have been interested in real estate investing for quite some time but just didn't know exactly how to go about doing it.

We attended the three day seminar and felt that we got our money's worth. The speaker was polite and the only people that were asked to leave were people that were trying to solicit other business totally unrelated to the seminar. But even for them, it was done in a quiet way in which we didn't even know till the next day.

But, it was actually the honesty and integrity of the people we worked with that lead us to decide to purchase one of their packages. We were not pressured at ALL in fact, at first when we met with one of the mentors, she told us NOT to do it if we don't have the money (as opposed to encouraging us to take out a loan or do whatever it takes to buy it).

As for the refund information, everything was written out clear as day. They put in writing that you had to first at least try their system (make bids, do your research, learn the system, etc) before you could get a refund. This only sounded reasonable to me.

We have yet to make any money from this but that's cause we're in the waiting period for our advanced training. It has only been a week since we completed the three day seminar so my wife and I have just been going over the material, studying, and following the recommended tasks to prepare for the advanced training. I'm going to save this link and report back after we have gone through the trainings to let you all know if our experience was worth the money. Until then, I don't think it's fair to judge a system or people before you've actually tried their system . My wife and I knew that there were negative reviews about this company but NONE of the people writing reviews on here have actually gone through the system and done what they said you have to do. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Just saying.

Lastly, on day three of our seminar, we were able to see and talk to Tarek live on-line. I too thought that this was a scam just using Tarek and Christina to market, but it turns out they really are involved with this program and seem to have a lot to offer people who give it a try.

  • Mar 16, 2015

Nobody gives you the solution for your money problems. You got to solve them.

I attended a free session to listen a fast speaker guy trying to convince a bunch of poor people to pay around 2,000 Dollars to attend a three day seminar on how to make miracles in turning or flipping houses in order to become millionaires or at least to make as much money as they want. You got to work, work and work instead of watching TV at home, the motivator kept saying, he looked like an old style visionary convincing these innocent persons that what he said was the way to heaven on Earth. I asked myself, why is he taking such a long time to make us rich? he should be rich applying his teachings on himself instead of going to hotels to talk crap to people.

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