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  • Jul 2, 2014

Simon Ottewell and Alex Ottewell sold me a property that they did not actually fully own but claimed they did. They gave me a current title search that stated they did and the sales contract stated that they would guarantee that it was without cloud or clouds. Come to find out they only owned half of it. When it came to light I contacted them and they said it was their problem and they certainly would take care of it. Simon was the one who actually sold it to me being he is the CEO of Hillsborough Business Solutions a company of his that was suppose to fully own it. The cloud came up about 2 months after the sale.

I called them when it did. They said it was their problem and they would take care of it and would call me after they looked into it. I didn't hear back from them. I called again. I spoke with Simon Ottewell and he said he would meet me the next day and we would discuss the problem and what they were going to do to solve it. He said he would contact me the next day and tell me when he was going to be in the area. He text me the time and place to meet with him. It was a Burger King at lunch time. I text him back saying I didn't think that was a proper time or place to meet. He text me back Ok 1:oopm.

I tried to voice call him, back to voice mail. No call or text returned. I figured the only thing I could do was meet him there. When I arrived I didn't see him so I went inside where it was extremely busy all the tables were full. I found him sitting at a table in the very busy restaurant which was loud with tables full of people all around him. The first thing he did when he saw me is start yelling at me that I was late, which I wasn't. And how dare I be late and ranting on which made it very obvious he was trying to put me on the defensive for what they did. People sitting around us were very much taking notice. I then told him I didn't feel comfortable discussing personal business in this very unprivate place and suggested we go somewhere else to discuss it. He then really flew off the handle and started yelling thats it I'm leaving,

I've been waiting here 20 minutes for you. I could tell by the beverage cup and wrappers he had just eaten lunch. So I said ok let talk here. He then went on to say that the cloud on the title really didn't matter which it certainly does as I told him. He continued to try and convince me it didn't which wasn't possible because I know it very much does in many ways. He finally realized I wasn't going to fall for it and stated that whatever it takes he'll take care of it. He said he would call me and hasn't. I have left voicemails and text's that have not been returned. The phone numbers and email addresses they use are as follows Simon Ottewell's Cell (813)625-4557 Alex Ottewell's Cell (813)625-5278 Sales (813) 316-3873 (813)600-5513 Emails the [email protected] [email protected]

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  • Oct 19, 2014

Total Rubbish

Gary Chadwick has a history of arrests for stalking and violence. He tries to intimidate us with threats of violence.

We have tried everything to help him in his situation including hiring the best Real Estate attorney in Tampa to help him. And yet he still tries to resort to threats and intimidation to get his own way.

We have a completely open and honest business. With 250 satisfied customers. We publish all our phone numbers. We have NEVER had a complaint from a CUSTOMER other than Gary Chadwick.

Feel free to google his arrest record. He used to live in Miami and had to move to Putnam County.

Gary Chadwick - [email protected] - 129 Rabbit Track Satsuma, Florida. 386 244 8064

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  • Sep 5, 2014

Simon Ottewell is a Very Dishonest person BEWARE!

Look into Simon Ottewell's background and history as we have done and you will see he proves to be very dishonest,a liar and a cheat. He has a team "The Ottewell Team" as its named are the same as him along with his wife Karen.A realtor in the Tampa Florida area. We warn you do not do any type of business with him or his.Some of the names they are currently doing business under at this time are Cash4Homes-Florida Land Deals- Wholesale Properties- Business Solutions of Hillsborough- ABD homes and more they are constantly changing to try and hide from their actions. Some of the phone numbers used by them are Alex Ottewell 813-625-5278....Office.813-600-5513.....Sales 813-316-3873....Simon Ottewell.813-625-4557 at this time. More could pop up at anytime. Look for both the names and the numbers.

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  • Jan 19, 2015

Open and Honest NOT Simon Ottewell ,Hicks/Knight law firm

Simon Ottewell uses lies and deception to try to blame others for his and those working for him actions. Best Tampa Real Estate attorney in Tampa not true. Check for yourself Henry Hicks law Now Hicks/Knight law seeing Henry Hicks suffered a mysterious death that's still under investigation. Now Alan Knight and his side kick Wendy Heagey supposed quiet title specialist is on the case of trying to protect Simon Ottewell and his gang again. Try to get a return email or call and see what you don't get! BOTH. Oh and they also have a title company Titlemark. How handy ,clear title? Not. From what we have heard and have seen try and file a title insurance claim and see what you don't get! Beware of them. Scammers helping Scammers.

  • Jan 16, 2015

Simon Ottewell's Scams and Lies

Simon Ottewell if you search him properly is a consistent liar we have known of him for quite some time. He blames his actions on others every time. Telling lies about the ones who catch him and his at their regular routine. Reading a post above he states he hired the best real estate attorney in Tampa Florida to help that person clear up the problems that Simon Ottewell and his Team caused. The not so best( as lack of stars show, testmonials too)Law firm he speaks of is Henry Hicks law firm. Which suddenly just changed their name as Simon Ottewell's did. Its now Hicks/Knight law firm seeing Henry Hicks died a mysterious death that last reports stated is still under investigation. A Natalie Wood type of boating accident we hear. Adam Knight is now aboard? Florida Investment Property is now under the name ABD Homes. Changed again because the truth was catching up with them as usual? The Not So Best Tampa Real Estate Law Firm also has a title company called Titlemark . How handy! Try and file a claim and see what happens is what we've been told. Clear Title? Tried to call? Threats and intimidation? 250 satisfied customers,only 1 complaint? Do a proper search and see the truth. Check other Reports also floridlanddeals.net Simon Ottewell Hillsborough Business Solutions cash4homes wholesale properties alex ottewell tatum properties and more. Nothing good can come from doing business with him or them as many state and know.

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