Foreign Expats aka China Job Scam

Country China
City Beijing
Address Chaoyang District

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  • Jun 8, 2017

This company pretends to be an international company by using foreigners to return phone calls but it is just one of many scam operations owned by a chinese woman named rebecca tang who also uses the names of rosie tang and ruby tang and rose tang. Her photo is in this link;

This lady sold me on working in china by offering me a great job a in shanghai, but after i spend a wad of cash to get to china and rent an expensive apartment she told me job a was no longer available and tried to force me to take another job b far away in the boonies where people ride camels instead of bicycles! i made the big mistake of letting her have my passport which she said she needed to "process you with the china government".

I then met other foreign teachers who toldme i was dealing with a scam artist and they showed me a lot of horrible things about her on the internet. I went back to get my passport from her but she said i would not get it back unless and untili finished my contract with her. After i threatened to go to the local newspaper China daily) and snapped her photo did she offer me the chance to buy my way out of her contract since she claimed she lost money on me Bs because i paid my own airfare and apartment - which she said she would reimburse but never did). To get out her contract and to get back my passport i had to pay her $3,000 and sign a non-disclosure agreement not to talk about our problems.

This company is a total fraud and i urge everyone to avoid it like the plague. You can readmore about this fraud at

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  • May 21, 2017

Foreign Expats China TEFL Job Scam Agency aka in Beijing owned by Rosie Tang

This cunning chinese bitch "rosie" who owns this has no business license and was convicted for fraud three years ago brought me to work in china and never once told that i must have a z visa Work visa) and a university diploma. She told me i would make "at least $5,000 a month" teaching english in china, and introduced me to three other american teachers who told me they were making even more than that.

So i quit my manager job at the olive garden and spent $1,800 to fly to beijing and the free apartment she promised me was a smelly room in a skanky hotel where they change the sheets once a week and the rusty moldy bathroom was so disgusting and smelly that i used 2 liters of bleach just to make it usable. There was no toilet, just a hole to squat and shit in).

After i signed my contract with her i noticed there was no "$" in front of the 5,000 per month and found out on payday that was not a typo! she paid me 5,000 chinese renminbi which is about $800! i was outraged and demanded that she return my passport and rosie said she would hold my passport until i completed my one year contract. I refused to go back to that dumpy little school and teach another day until she returned my passport.

She then told me i could only earn $5,000 a month if i had a university degree and z visa and she introduced me to so an american guy named eric winder who said that was true and he showed me some blog on the internet to prove it.

Then rosie offered to sell me a fake diploma from ucla and a fake z visa that she said would get me a job that paid $7,000 outside of beijing.In south china where she said there was no pollution like in beijing. She showed me some beautiful photos of place called "luzhou".

I agreed and bought the documents and she asked me to pay $500 for the train tickets since she said no airplanes flew there. After i paid her i had one day to pack all my stuff and one of her people took me to a bus station at dongzhimen and told me all the trains to luzhou were not running because of repairs being done to the track and the bus was the only way to get there! it took 2 days to get to this remote place and we had stopped only two times to eat a meal and there was no toilet on the bus. Some woman sitting behind me actually peed on the floor and let her young child shit on the floor. I had to endure that smell for 7 hours on the bus.

When i finally got to luzhou, there was nobody there to meet me so i asked one of the police officers for help and he called a taxi for me after i showed him the name of the school written in chinese on a brochure. The taxi driver took me about 40 miles and demanded that i pay him $300. I refused and called 110 - the chinese 911 since i was sure i was being cheated.

When the police came they asked to see my passport. They talked on the radio for a few minutes and then took me to the police station. They said i did not have to pay the taxi driver but that i was under arrest because the z visa was counterfeit. When they asked me where i got it, i told them the whole story about rosie tang, and the asked me for he "chinese name". Wtf! she never gave me any chinese name - only "rosie tang".

They sent me in a police van after 5 days to a bigger jail in chengdu and somehow managed to lose half the contents of my suitcase including my brand new pair of mj air shoes and my ray ban sunglasses. In the chengdu jail they told me i would not be released until i paid a $2,000 fine and since i did not have cash on me they took me to an atm machine which ate my american visa card! after the card was swallowed they told me the machine only accepts chinese credit cards issued by chinese banks! i then had to pay $50 to use a telephone to call back to older sister in america to explain what happened and she sent me $3,000 by western union.

But even after the police said they received the money, they would not let me go because they said my punishment was to be jailed for 30 days. So for the next 4 weeks i just sat in a dumpy jail eating cold rice, noodles,and sometimes some bread. 3 of the cops offered to bring me a mcdonalds meal every other day if i teach them english! it was a great deal for me so i did it. After a week of english lessons one of the cops aked me if i was friends of "rosie tang". Since i though rosie came to get me out, i said "yes" and then the three of them laughed. The one cop that spoke a little english, said rosie was the one who tipped them off to check my passport and collected a reward!

I was finally taken to the airport, but i did not have enough money left to buy a ticket back to america so i had to call my sister to buy it for me. I am now back in california and so damn glad to be home! yesterday i read on the internet that "rosie tang" uses a bunch of different names to do this shit to a lot of people over many years. Please warn everyone you know about this pretty chinese girl who is a scheming and charming snake.

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  • Sep 27, 2017 and Foreign HR are two more scam alias names in China scam

2017 SCAM UPDATE: Two new alias scam brand companies are now being used by Rosie Tang of Beijing China to skim and scam foreign TEFL Teachers. ForeignerHR and Foreign HR are two new variations of her original China ESL recruiting scam. This is the BIGGEST China job scam scheme in all of China and the oldest as well. If you need more convincing or a photo of this woman who also changes her appearance, visit: or search here on Reddit and

  • Jul 4, 2017 is another Rebecca & Rosie Tang China job scam!

This is the same Beijing schemer who ran China ESL for years before she was finally arrested and jailed by the cops. But it took a shitload of pressure and publicity to get her arrested. But before they carted her off, she was responsible for getting over 1,000 foreign teachers arrested for putting them to work illegally in China with fake diplomas and without Z visas.She also owns and operates a bunch of other alias companies including, Golden Bridge English, East West Education, etc. Just google her name with the word "scam, China," and you will have over an hour of posts to read. She is a favorite at and Here are some examples, some of which go back to 2009! For sure she is a veteran scam artist to avoid.

  • Jun 6, 2017

Foreign Expats China TEFL Job Scam Agency aka in Beijing owned by Rosie Tang

These scum bags persuaded me to quit my job as a quality control inspector earning $38,000 a year to come teach in china where they said i would earn $5,000 a month or double my current salary - working only 20 hours a week - teaching english. They also promised me a free furnished apartment which they said was worth $2,000 a month in saved rent. I then spent $3,200 to move to china and was floored when my free apartment already had three other people already living there and the place wreaked of tobacco smoke because two of the other roomates were heavy smokers. I asked for a non-smoking apartment and was simply told "evryone in china smokes so you better get used to it!". I moved out and had to spend $3,000 to find my own apartment in beijing. But since i was expecting to earn $5,000 a month, i figured i could endure $1,000 a month for housing and maybe find my own non-smoker roomie.

Then they told me my job was not in beijing but in a place called lanzhou which is 1,200 miles away near the fucking gobi desert! i never applied for that job and refused to teacher anywhere out of beijing which is the only place rosie the recruiter ever discussed with me. She stuck me in a private chinese school and i was told i would be paid 1 month later. In reality it was 6 weeks later and i was paid less than half of what i agreed to work for. They then told me that i was on a 90 day probation period and my salary during the first 3 months would be 5,000 yuan - not dollars. Rosie insisted that she told me about this but she never did. I would certainly remember such a thing and would have refused the job because of it. Today i found this online

This and beijing teach is the very same scam as Foreign expats).

  • May 27, 2017

Foreign Expats China TEFL Job Scam Agency aka in Beijing owned by Rosie Tang

This is not only a bait and switch china tefl teacher job recruiter but they steal 30%-50% of your salary and then even extort you to buy your way of their shitty contract. Do not let them hold your passport and do not pay them any "refundable deposits" for anything. They even want you to pay them $2,000 for a release letter. The owner is a chinese woman named rosie tang who was jailed before under the name of rebecca tang. She operates 11 different alias companies and caused over 1,000 foreign teachers in china to get arrested as you can see here

This is onve devious and greedy bitch. Avoid!

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