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  • Sep 24, 2017

WiseWay Global Is Alias Scam name for Getin2China in Beijing, China - Beware!

The same Russian that owns Laowai Career Center also owns another China scam called Wiseway Global that ripped off my little brother for $30,000. About WiseWay Golbal Education...

This is an exact cookie cutter scam of the CUCAS study abroad fraud. They charge $30,000 to get you into "a top university" and guarantee you to get "a scholarship". In reality, all they really do is fill out your enrollment and scholarship application forms and then use the fine print of their contract and terms and conditions to weasel their way out of their verbal promises and obligations.

Because they are based in Beijing China, you have no legal recourse and the Chinese government cares less about foreigners getting cheated. If a Chinese student complains they get refunded immediately!

Less than 5% of applicants actually get into a top university but their book fool of fake and photoshopped I-20 letters tell a different story. And it is true that all of their applicants win a "scholarship" but it is one you never heard of because it is one they themselves created and to legally meet the terms of their contract, every customer gets a $1,000 rebate which they conveniently call "a scholarship".

All of their review and testimonial videos are fake and they use foreign expat teachers to recruit gullible victims for them and for bring a new sheep to the pack of wolves they are paid $1,000. Warn all your friends to avoid these thieves.

I also found out from an honest cop in Beijing that Yuri also owns two other scams called Gi2c and Laowai Career Center. This man is a Scam Octopus and all of his victims are young high school or university kids who are gullible and naive! Please spread the word on any expat or tefl or reddit forums you use. He is already famous at

  • Sep 7, 2017

They got me too

What can I say? They caught me with my guard down and I only read all the links they sent me. I should have done my own search on line. My laziness cost me $6,200 in their fees and all the hidden costs they never told me about. I found this about an hour ago online that brought back the bad memories from 2013.

  • Aug 30, 2017

Getin2China is a very clever bait and switch China job & internship scam - beware!

I won't bore you with the details but if you make the mistake of believing and trusting these yahoos, you will find out you were swindled only after you spend a bundle of cash to get to China and the cops over there will not lift a finger to help you unless you are Chinese.I lost $5,000 and a month of my time.I have met other victims in Beijing who got stuck there and ended up teaching English in order to get enough money to come home! The operate under many different names including Gi2c, Laowai Career Center, ChinaHR, Wiseway Global etc. The owners are a Russian couple and they have a Chinese GM named Ben. They are super charming scoundrels that need to be locked away and banned from accessing the internet. I regret not doing even basic due diligence on these guys or I would have found this and 39 other warnings on line and all the victim reports at reddit

Oh yeah... all those great testimonials on their website? Fake. I mean those are real people but they were paid $500 each to make those videos. They have their own studio room in the Beijing office and a guy named Chris and a girl named Rita recruit those shills all day long and some o them are actual intern customers who were offered a $500 discount or rebate to make the videos. I made one too but they don't dare show anyone what I said - the truth! They are a S - C - A - M !

P.S. Their real office location is in Beijing on Zhongguancun Street near the Sino Steel building and 1,000 meters South of Peking University's East gate.

  • May 6, 2017

Getin2China is a super scam peddling blacklisted China internships & work abroad job frauds.

Really bad news is what you will get after spending a few thousand dollars to relocate to China. They specialize in bait & switch China jobs and internships and win you over with fake video testimonials they pay tourists to make for them. I actually walked in unexpectedly on a taping session at the Gi2c office and saw the actors ("satisfied cuctomers") being paid $500 each. Then I found this article on the internet recently that pretty much explains this scam from A to Z:

They are selling the same scam under 4 different names or mayebe even more. When they call you just hang up and block their number. They are professional thieves and they just use a telephone instead of a gun. The sales people are well-trained to peddle career dreams to any naive and gullible person willing to listen.

  • May 4, 2017

Gwtin2China is same Gi2C & Laowai Career Center China Job & Internship Scam

No matter what they call themselves next year it is still the cerys same Russian fraudsters selling pie in the sky career dreams to naive and gullible university graduates like my sister who lost $3,999 with them last year. They now claim to be a different company in a different city but is the same CEO Yuri and their boiler room is still in Beijing, with a support group in the Phillipines calling into different time zones with their bait and switch scams. Mt sister supposedly was interviewed by the HR director from Kraft Foods in China, a Richard Feinberg but after getting to China she found out that no such person ever worked for Kraft!

Another 2 victims explain what they went thrrough here

This site gives all the different names they go by on the internet:

  • Nov 21, 2015

Gi2c China Internship Scam Pays For Testimonials & Reviews

If you want the complete history of this company going back five years with confessions from former employees and former clients who admit getting paid $500 to make video testimonials just grab a beer and visit

When webster included the word "devious" in his dictionary, he was thinking about this bunch!


  • Jun 22, 2015

Scam Alert to all English-speaking university students and unemployed people with university degrees. You ar ethe prime target of very believeable scam that will promise you great jobs and internships in China "guaranteed within 45 days" of sending them a $300 "refundable processing fee". Don't believe it! They will keep your $300 and try to squeeze another $999-$3,990 from you to get you to come to China. Yes, they will get you an internship - but it will not be the one they sell you on the phone. It will be with some unknown crap company in China (usually a start-up who wants free labor) that will not offer you a job.

Because Getin2china uses boiler room call centers in Pakistan, has offices in China, but has you send your moneys to an HSBC bank in Hong Kong, prosecution of these scammers is costly and almost impossible. You cannot sue them in China because your visa time limit is not long enough and they know you will not fly back to China for every hearing since your air fare and hotel alone will cost you $5,000 for each of three hearings.

Yes they have a beautiful web site but half of the testimoials and reviews are fake as you can see from the below links.

  • Jun 7, 2015

Getin2China a dial for dollars scam in Pakistan.

Google their new and improved name of "Gi2c pakistan internship scam" and read the news for yourself - all bad.

  • Mar 28, 2015

I also had a bad bait and switch experience with Gi2c

Just so you know this company markets under two different names but you get the same garbage service and if you really want a refund, the only way you will get one is to make a big scene at their office and bring the cops with you. They never tell you want the entire program cost is until after they get your deposit which you can kiss good-bye whether you go to China or not.

I was promised a finance internship with a famous UK company, and that is why I signed up in the end. But after I got to China they gave me some bullshit excuse that the company had no more space for an intern because they supposedly hired the last one. I went over to the company to see if I could work something out and they told me they no longer took interns for almost a year! Lying bastards. I worked with the company they found for me but after two weeks of doing "make busy work" I was recruited to teach in China and made 8 times more money than the $150 a month the internship paid.

I would not recommend them to anyone for any purpose unless you simple need a visa to get into China. I noticed a lot of Africans, Arabs, and Pakistanis use them to sneak into China with an internship. Not sure why, but China doesn't want them there as more than a 30 day tourist, so they probably love Gi2c.

  • Mar 16, 2015

This is a super slick scam run by a Russian from Belarus named Yuri Khlystov who made his first million as a pimp in Beijing - bringing Russian blondes into China just in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He took his profits and started GetIn2China which was originally a visa company. The police shut him down when he was caught getting illegal visas for Russian hookers. So he started this internship business under his old license which was somehow not revoked. He charges universsity graduates from America, Canada, and Europe $3,700 to come workin China for free at an "international imntenship" with off the wall Chinese companies nobody ever heard of.

A former employee of Gi2C apparently did not get paid what was promised and spilled the beans on them here at this link:, but as far back as 2011 people were making complaints all ove the internet. But according to former employee Helen Zhou, Yuri hires a Chinese hacker every six months to clean up all the negative stuff about them on the internet like these posts at which may be gone soon:

Here are two more: and

The biggest complaint I have with them is they baited and switched me from a "famous multinational corporation" The Hilton Hotel Group, to some crappy 2 star Chinese Hotel where I was the only person who spoke any English. I got paid nothing but a free lunch six days a week and they gave me a 50% discount on the room which had an old black and white TV, no cable, nor internet. I demanded my refund since they say "Satisfaction Guaranteed" but they just ignored me. After three weeks of hell, I left the internship and got a job tecahing English until my visa expired so I could raise enough money to go home. This company is a fraud. I was fooled by the website and the smooth-talking sales rep Max. You can see photos of the thieves at and the owners photo is attached.

A week after I quit the internship I realized I had gotten crabs and head lice from the hotel bed I had to sleep in and I demanded Gi2c to pay for my $80 medication and they just laughed at me. They are a band of thieves. The sales manager claimed to be a Christian but she avoided my calls once I started calling with my issues and complaints.

ALthough I enjoyed China, I found out that anyone can get an internship there for free and you do not need to pay for anything to anyone other than for your own plane ticket. Companies that hire interns pay for everything else - at least the international companies. The Chinese companies only are willing to buy you lunch. Avoide Gi2C - Nothing but a smoke and mirrors fraud.

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