Giten Tonkov

Country United States
State New York
City new york
Address Brooklyn, NY, 11224, USA
Phone 1-917-829-3324

Giten Tonkov Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2016

Giten tonkov refused to give me a refund of $1500. I took only half a class, and requested a refund from the portion i didn't attend. I got seriously injured in the workshop, and could not continue. Giten and rohi ignored my injury and pain. They didn't care at all. They offered no help whatsoever. The workshop was also not very good. It started out good, but got bad over time. It was doing me more harm then good. So i left. But giten refused to give me my money back. Paypal gave me back my fair part of the refund. Giten then sued me to get my money again. He ripped me off $1500. And i'm a single mother. Extremely disappointed with him and what he does.

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