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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 2620 Regatta Dr
Phone (702) 553 2390

Guardian Liberty Voice Reviews

  • May 2, 2015

Guardian Liberty Voice scam

The owner of Guardian Liberty Voice makes a lot of promises, but that is all they are - just promises. The contracts never come, the promises never happen. The owner frequently changes his story every time he has a new plan and says whatever he thinks writers want to hear. He is now offering a so-called essay contest which is just another way to get page views and is claiming students can get school credit for classes offered by the Liberty Voice Institute. This is not accredited and there is no institute or university and no campus. Chandler has made so many claims that he's tripping up on his own stories.

  • Apr 28, 2015

Stay far away Guardian Liberty Voice and its owner DiMarkco Chandler. This so-called "newspaper" is actually a scam that is run like a pyramid scheme. The owner, DiMarkco Chandler, is the world's biggest liar. He will act like you're "the most important person in the whole company" and then turn around and back stab you like crazy. He lies about how you will be paid. For example, he will say you will make commission on people you recruit, but then when you recruit them, he will play games such as stealing them from your team, not paying you for the time they are in training, and lying about the amount of commission you will make from the time they come on board. He is a swindler, a scammer, and a con artist. You only have to Google Guardian Liberty Voice to see dozens of accounts of people being forced to work long hours, and worst of all, never seeing a dime from their efforts, because DiMarkco refuses to pay people. He manipulated and twists the situation so that it appears that people will be paid, but the reality is that about 90% of people who begin working there never make any money, not one cent, despite being worked to the bone. The set up of the paper is multi-level pyramid marketing in which you recruit writers underneath you. This, he calls the CASH System, which even sounds scammy. If you think this should set off major alarm bells, you would be 100% right. He has used extensive black hat search engine techiques which got his site banned from Google, and as a result, Guardian Liberty Voice lost about 95% of its traffic. This further financially hurt the handful of people who had been making money at the company, and they all had to quit in order to find other jobs. This place redefines the word "turnover." Out of dozens of people who were there at the paper from the beginning, I heard there were only two left. The owner hands out fancy titles in an effort to get people to do a lot of work for free, but in the end, it all amounts to nothing. He has a couple of loyal puppy dogs who follow his every move, however, even some of them have actually wound up in the hospital due to stress caused by the overwork DiMarkco piles on. The company's senior accountant recently left, and her emails were leaked online. These emails detailed misuse of funds as well as possible tax evasion on the part of the owner, who had been hiding money he earned, in other people's names. All of this information can easily be found by Googling the phrase Guardian Liberty Voice, including the leaked emails from the former accountant. The list of tricks and manipulations that DiMarkco Chandler plays is so extensive that it is beyond belief. Run run run away from GLV, and from his other publications such as The Public Slate, MARS Social, Headliners Today and many others. Oh he also poses as the CEO of big companies such as MARS corportation and the New York Times, with Twitter handles that make him seem as though he is a bigwig at those companies. Prior to running the GLV scam, he is alleged to have ripped off people in a real estate scam. An account of this can be found on this site here. It is also alleged that he has been arrested for domestic abuse, fraud and money laundering, for which he once served 50 months of probation. Do not get involved with this publication. You have been warned.

  • Mar 25, 2015

Dimarkco chandler of guardian liberty voice has failed to pay me money he owes me for the month of december, 2014. There are hundreds of accounts online of people not being paid for work they did for this company. Type "guardian liberty voice scam" into google and you will be quite surprised to read all of the accounts of people being ripped off.

  • Nov 14, 2014

LGV's DiMarkco Chandler pleaded guilt in federal court

United States District Court

Northern District of Illinois - CM/ECF LIVE, Ver 6,1 (Chicago)

CRIMINAL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:00-cr-00213-2

Case title: USA v. Simmons, et al

Date Filed: 03/23/2000

Date Terminated: 09/25/2001

Defendant (2)

Dimarkco Chandler

TERMINATED: 09/25/2001

This was for money laundering and fraud.

PLEA Agreement as to

Dimarkco Chandler (pmp) (Entered: 02/08/2001)


9/25/01 by Hon. Robert W. Gettleman : Sentencing Dimarkco Chandler

(2) count(s) 1. The defendant is hereby placed on probation for a

term of Fifty (50) Months. Criminal Monetary Penalties. Schedule

of Payments. Dismissing counts for Dimarkco Chandler (2) 2, 3.

Counts 2 and 3 are dismissed on the motion of the United States.

(For further details see order.) Mailed notice (meg) (Entered:


  • Mar 14, 2015

dont do it!! total scam

I am a passionate writer and was so grateful when I discovered GLV...I was so stressed out during boot camp and even had to pay a 100 hotel room to complete the articles in 24 hours because I don't have good internet at my home in the mountains. I never received any kind of certification (although they claim it) and never received the 140.00 pay that was supposed to be given to people who graduate boot camp. NO way!! Di Marco Chandler was rude, arrogant, and wanted to know if I had the, no because I trust people. oh well....lesson learned!

  • Aug 20, 2014

Guardian Liberty Voice aka GLV aka Liberty University Scam

I agree with all of the other people here who are most likely ex writers as well. This company is a scam and a fraud. You will not make money here, it is very exploitative. It is a writing content mill and sweat shop. All you have to do is simply Google "Guardian Liberty Voice Scam" or "GLV Scam" and you will find out everything you need to know.

  • Jul 24, 2014

This company does not compensate writers correctly. The writers at this company have been misclassified as freelancers, but actually, they should be classified as employees and as such, are entitled to fair compensation for the many hours of work they put in. Writers and editors are forced to work extremely long hours for no set salary. There is an element of multi level marketing to the company, too, in that it encourages writers to recruit other writers and from those other writers the person who recruited makes a commission off the writer's compensation. This model is not sustainable because it makes it too hard for writers to make any money. Only the people at the top are making money as in a classic pyramid scheme. No matter what line the company hands out, this is a pyramid scheme because technically, the writers are "paying up" to their recruiter. However, many of the so called team leaders don't even make any money either because the vast majority of writers leave. The owner then back fills the void left by the departed writers with a slew of new, desperate writers, many of whom barely even speak English and have no writing skills. The owner ensures his own financial windfall in this way due to the huge volume of stories being written. The ads bring in the money and he is basically getting hundreds of free pieces of content every day. Anyone with that volume of content pieces can make money off of ads, but not many people have the same Joel Osteen type of money swindling technique as the owner of this company does. Stay far, far away.

  • Jul 14, 2014

Guardian Liberty Voice Scam

This company is an outright scam. The owner misrepresents the worth of the company on purpose in order to swindle people into working long hours and writing for (literally) pennies. According to an expose on this company written by blogger Carol Tice at Make a Living Writing, the company is involved in several lawsuits. There has already been at least one complaint lodged against this company with the Las Vegas attorney general's office, and most likely there will be many more to come. Only the owner makes money while the rest of the writers make little to nothing. The owner is known to be a con artist by the place he used to work. He is now running a Ponzi-type deal where he makes tons of money off of ad commissions and encourages other people to recruit writers so they too can make tiered commissions. Anyone who brings up the possibility of actually making a decent living wage gets fired. Avoid this place at all costs.

  • May 15, 2014

I learned about the guardian liberty voice last july. it sounded great, working from home and earning good pay. the owner dimarkco chandler seemed nice enough in the beginning. the first step is to go through a tough boot camp which was fun but i didn't know then that this same amount of work was going to be required of us after we graduated from boot camp and started working as certified writers. if you complete all your work in boot camp which means you write a high number of articles, then you graduate and become a ""certified writer"".

being a certified writer is a flat out joke. you think you will be paid for every article you publish, but it all depends on how many views your article gets but more likely you will just get a few pennies if you are lucky. i think this caused competition among the writers and editors too because we all needed to make money and when we saw what others were writing and how they were going viral (this is the only way to earn money is for your article to go viral)... some writers would copy my key topic and write a different angle on them because they were desperate for money.

some editors were nice and i was sad to see them go. they worked crazy hours day in and day out and i know for a fact that dimarkco did not care about them. there did not seem to be any breaks or any downtime for many people that worked at guardian liberty voice.

the guardian liberty voice is a ripoff in the sense that they pay squat for the loads of articles dimarkco gets from us the writers. i hope his website gets shut down.

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