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  • Feb 10, 2019

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  • Jan 14, 2018

Loretta lynn roach claims to be a loving caring pet owner who only dabbles in breeding. What the public doesn’t know is that she lies to her puppy parents about the age of the females. Poor myah who came from kelly’s giant alaskan malamutes was bred at 8 months old. Not weighing more than 70 pounds to her 169 pound male she claims on her website. Now she will say or that was an accident. However she only has two breeding females to keep track off. One from legends who had spirit heats for two years and loretta didn’t even know what that was. Then she had other spayed females from trying to breed to small of dogs to her male. People should take breeding a little more seriously before risking the life and health of a puppy and putting it with an adult male. Then pretending she is a good breeder. Shame shame shame !! she claims she only breeds once’s a year ! well she started off before the pup even made it a year. She has no concern for the health of her pup. You will see on her website she proudly says timber is from legends. Even though the line produces floppy ears. Yet because loretta is so busy bashing the kelly’s even though they gave loretta pick of the litter. Beautiful myah was trusted in her care to be used and put to work before a year old. Loretta sends messages to all the kelly customers saying don’t buy from them but she breeds the healthy gorgeous dog she got from them. Likely stunting her growth from early breeding and damaging her full potential! this is. Why you dont byb

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