i-to-i TEFL aka OnlineTEFL.com scams

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Unknown
Phone Skype
Website http://OnlineTEFL.com

i-to-i TEFL aka OnlineTEFL.com scams Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2018

These devious brits own two or more) companies that sell worthless inline tefl courses to gullible new esl & tefl teachers wanting to work abroad as teachers. Their sales reps make numerous false claims that include;

-their company is "partners" with 50 top language schools

-their company is endorsed by berlitz and rosetta stone

-their company is partners with china's ministry of education

- you must have one of their tefl certificates to teach in china

- their tefl certificate is rated no. 2 behind celta

- 100% money back refund if they cannot give you a tefl job

- in 10 years of service they have less than 10 complaints

All of the above it total horsehit and i am not the only victim who was dumb enough to pay the full price for their 120 hour online tefl course that frankly i could read from a $20 tefl master book and cd. If i waited a few weeks like others the sales reps would have dropped the price down to $79.

After realizing how dumb i was to absorb their fake testimonials and glorious review that they made themselves i started searching online and found complaints going all the way to 2008 at the tefl blacklist and more stuff at reddit and these links below more recently.








I also found them blacklisted by cta, cftu, and china scam patrol as well. Their marketing people do a great job of censoring negative comments from their facebook page and 3 different tefl blogs they operate. There is a bunch more about them at scam.com and http://reddit.com/r/chinascamcentral and r/chinatefl.

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