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Country United States
State Nebraska
City South Sioux City

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  • Dec 8, 2017

After posting a negative review on google sean the recruiter at k&b transportation won’t stop calling me and bothering me well i got his last phone call recorded on video now he can’t deny anything he said! they fired me which is really messed up in orientation their exact words were “it doesn’t matter who’s fault it is that the load is late it falls on the driver that delivers it, and that we have the right to refuse any load.”

Their so called “experienced driver” was at the casino gambling and getting intoxicated when he should have been delivering the load and he ran out of hours so they called me and said “we have a driver who caused this load to be late messing us over on this high value load that’s already late and your the closest driver within 100 miles we need you to go pick this load up and deliver it and i tried and tried to refuse the load and they wouldn’t stop telling me they were going to fire me and said

“joshua we know what the orientation rule is but your doing this as a favor for us and we need it delivered”

And i said send it over the qualcomm that you won’t fire me and they refused i knew i shouldn’t have taken the load but they harassed me and called me and threatened my job so i ended up taking it then they routed me to the yard to sit there for the weekend which i found weird and surely enough monday morning they called me into the safety office and fired me for having a late load on my record!!!

Ever since i was fired i’ve been called and bothered by sean the recruiter for posting an honest review of how horribly i was treated! after i got fired i went home and almost near got evicted! my cell phone was shut off my electricity got shut off and luckily i found a temporary work force job after a week of living in my apartment with no electricity no cell phone my car was repoed and i was one step away from living in a cardboard box all for following the rules of the contract i signed with k&b transportation i’m angry at how i got treated, how i got fired for doing exactly what i was told to do and what i agreed to on the contract i signed with k&b transportation!

It’s been near 3 to 4 years since they fired me and sean at k&b won’t stop calling me he called me today and i had enough i told him on 12/7/17 do not call me anymore!!!

My livelihood was ruined by them!! i’ll never refer anyone to work for them and i have full hope that i can sue them for treating me the way they did!!!!

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