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Country United States
State Colorado
City Elizabeth

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  • Mar 10, 2018

Kings kars, luke king and britnee stoner ,in elizabeth colorado steal from and defraud their customers! they are being investigated by the attorney general.

Brittney stoner and luke austin king, live at 11253 pinevalley dr. In franktown, colorado 80116. Luke austin king, has been arrested for dui and has been sued at least two times and lost in douglas county colorado. They are being sued for fraud, conspiracy to perpetrate a fraud and deceptive trade pracitices.

Luke king has already been taped lying to an undercover detective. Britnee goes along with the scam.

Britnee stoner, luke king’s wife, is a co-conspirator in the way luke king defrauds his customers.

Luke king, owner of kings kars, is a master-liar, and will rip you off if you let him. Of course, they have their business in elizabeth colorado, called kings kars.

I bought a truck, from kings kars llc, britnee stoner and luke king, back in august of 2017. Luke king lied about his owning the company, lied about the condition of the truck, lied about promising to fix the truck and lied about a warranty that his friend owns. Britnee stoner from elizabeth colorado goes along with the fraud...And her husband luke king.

His warranty is garbage. The owner will not answer the phone. Luke king will not answer the phone. Britneee stoner will not answer the phone and luke king shows you the gun he is carrying as a scare tactic.

Luke king and britnee stoner are acting as a team and they will steal from you. Britnee stoner is participating in deceptive trace practices and other unlawful actions. She is a criminal that practices deceipt in elizabeth colorado.

Luke king claims to be a master diesel mechanic and states, “all our cars are inspected by dot and diesel certified mechanics at all kings mechanics.” hundreds of these posts can be found on craigslist denver...Type in kings kars. Deceptive practices is what luke king and britnee stoner from kings kars is all about.

Kings kars, luke king and britnee stoner, also market and sell a bogus warranty to customers from win win llc, prior to selling a warranty, luke king and britnee stoner fail to disclose that the service contract does not include after- market parts .

Kings kars does not stand behind their warranty.

Ultimately, the truck i bought, broke down in kansas with a blown transmission and a blown engine. Oil was everywhere.

Do you think kings kars, britnee stoner or luke king stood behind the warranty? No.

Customers, stood behind and believed and relied upon kings kars representation and expertise and relied upon a mechanic from all kings kars who came to their house to inspect the vehicle, but the mechanic said, “nothing is wrong.”

After 86 phone calls, luke king, britnee stoner and kings kars did not fix the truck.

Luke king, britnee stoner and kings kars is being sued in federal court.

I advise you to stay away from kings kars.

I advise you to stay awary from britnee stoner. I advise you to not do business with luke king.

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