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Laowai Career Center - China Job Scam Reviews

  • Sep 24, 2017

Beware the same owner also operated WiseWay Global Education Scam

The same Russian that owns Laowai Career Center also owns another China scam called Wiseway Global that ripped off my little brother for $30,000. About WiseWay Golbal Education...

This is an exact cookie cutter scam of the CUCAS study abroad fraud. They charge $30,000 to get you into "a top university" and guarantee you to get "a scholarship". In reality, all they really do is fill out your enrollment and scholarship application forms and then use the fine print of their contract and terms and conditions to weasel their way out of their verbal promises and obligations.

Because they are based in Beijing China, you have no legal recourse and the Chinese government cares less about foreigners getting cheated. If a Chinese student complains they get refunded immediately!

Less than 5% of applicants actually get into a top university but their book fool of fake and photoshopped I-20 letters tell a different story. And it is true that all of their applicants win a "scholarship" but it is one you never heard of because it is one they themselves created and to legally meet the terms of their contract, every customer gets a $1,000 rebate which they conveniently call "a scholarship".

All of their review and testimonial videos are fake and they use foreign expat teachers to recruit gullible victims for them and for bring a new sheep to the pack of wolves they are paid $1,000. Warn all your friends to avoid these thieves.

I also found out from an honest cop in Beijing that Yuri also owns two other scams called Gi2c and Getin2China. This man is a Scam Octopus and all of his victims are young high school or university kids who are gullible and naive! Please spread the word on any expat or tefl or reddit forums you use. He is already famous at

  • Aug 5, 2017

This Laowai Career Center scam ripped me off and wasted 3 months of my life!

Only after I got to China did I realize what a huge bait and switch fraud they are. I should have googled them before sending them my processing/application fee and signing their clever contract. I learned a very costly lesson and now just want to warn others not to fall for their great website, charming sales people (they call themselves "career specialists) and shill testimonials. They have many names as you can easily learn on Google. This is what they do under different company names so watch out!

My dad sent me link this morning so I decided to job on line and try to save some other grads from making the same mistake as me:

  • Apr 6, 2017

This company looks great on the internet but the fancy website is a well-disguised fraud with fake self-written reviews and testimonials they pay tourists and local expat students $500 to make for them. I met one of those expat students who suggested i could make $500 in less than an hour, not knowing i was there to demand a refund.

Laowai career center copies and pastes dozens of real ads from other legitimate hr web sites and then inserts its own logo. Then the mix in a bunch of fantastic jobs that they make up - like "earn 20,000 a month in china with a famous fortune 500 company working 30 hours per week - furnished apartment included - all travel expensespaid". They use these fake ads to get lots of people to send in their resumes by the hundreds. Those resumes are now sales leads and they are are called and told they are on the "short list".

A fake interview is then done by skype where i was told i had the perfect personality and language skills for the job and they even told me they would teach me how to speak chinese and would earn an extra 5,000 per month once i completed the language training! they told me the the man who called me "todd walker" was the deputy hr director for hp in china hewlett packard). I now know that no such person works at hp.

I was offered the job and asked to pay a proccessing and application fee ($299) which they sai would be reimbursed on my first pay check. They sent me an original contract which i had to sign and send back to their beijing officelocated on zhongguancun street - yet they tell everyone their office is in hangzhou! they also tell everyone they have been doing business for "almost 10 years" but their web site website registration proves they are lying (2014 registration).

So i quit my $40,000 job as a kfc manager and fly to beijing. I was told i would get a free apartment so i made no arrangement nor had extra money for a hotel. There was no free apartment because they gave me some "bad news" that because of "political tensions over the south china sea" hp decided not to hire any more foreignersfor at least a year! butthey then try to ease the pain by gettoing me to teach engish to 6-8 year old kids in some chain school for a ridiculous salary equal to $1,200 per month!

I demanded to meet the owner of the company but the reception girl said the employees were "forbidden" from giving that name. I then found it on the internet - and it is not a chinese person, but a russian guy linked to five other china scams all over the internet. Http://tefl.Net/forums/viewtopic.Php?T=7589&p=18289

This morning my sister sent me these two links which i never saw because i was too busy reading all the links to the fake testimonials sent to me by the laowai career center rep linda a chinese girl who would not tell me her full chinese name). Http:// and also this one here which shows the previous scams of the russian owner https://eslwatch.Info/en/eslwatch-forum/china/756-old-russian-gi2c-scam-artist-is-back-laowai-career-center-new-china-job-scam.Html

When i finally tracked down the office which has a sign in from that says "gi2c china internships" i met two girls who went there to pick up fake diplomas they said they were told they needed to work in china and they paid $1,500 each for them. Apparently this company also sell fakes documents. I told the police everything and they said they will investigate. I am not holding my breathe.

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