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City Niagara Falls

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  • Nov 25, 2019

I feel i should warn anyone considering visiting anatomy ink at 29 holly ave, hamilton, ontario and b & t’s tattoos at 5842 ferry st, niagara falls, ontario that laura smith currently works here, a woman who has been stalking me for nearly a decade, and others for much longer.

Laura spent 2013-2015 terrorizing me on the internet, stalking my family, posting threats, photoshopping pictures of me, and creating websites and fake profiles about me. Since that time she has tried to destroy every business that i launch.

Laura thinks i only became an artist because she did, but i’ve been creating art since i was 12 years old, maybe even earlier. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll mention my rendition of the south park characters in grade 7, or my peonies in grade 9, or the caricatures i created in my early twenties. I’ve been creating art long before i ever knew laura.

I’ve been interested in tattooing since i was 19 years old. I’ve been learning the trade thanks to my very talented tattoo artist mike camarillo of burlington, ontario since 2015. Laura has heard of him. After all, she contacted him looking for a job last year.) this is something i have been working very hard at in silence to protect my best interests from laura who tries to destroy every project that i launch due to her jealousy and inferiority complex. But of course the moment i go public with my very own tattoo shop, laura latches on and tries And fails) to ruin my reputation again.

I’m a very transparent person. I operate my shop with integrity. We have a no drama environment. Anyone who knows me, can see right through laura and her lies and stories and photoshopped screenshots, and most other people can too. I have gone out of my way to help anyone in the industry and help newcomers learn the trade. I don’t claim to be perfect. I am still improving every day. It can take years and years to become a decent tattoo artist. But my portfolio speaks for itself and there’s nothing laura can say that can take that away from me.

Recently laura called my 3 year old daughter an ugly cross eyed retard and threatened to mash my fingers into mush/burn my house down while my family sleeps. She created a bunch of complaints board posts about a place she thinks i worked for, but never actually have, and posted slanderous reviews about my business and other local tattoo shops.

Laura also said that rob from tattz and company and roxy kay from wtf ink would send bikers after me and my family. I spoke with these individuals and they don’t even know laura, let alone want anything to do with her. So fyi, if you get involved with laura, she will go out of her way to smear your name, destroy your reputation and involve your shop in drama every chance she gets.

My husband and i have finally had enough and hired a lawyer to take this person down. We are seeking $750,000 in damages Due to the lost revenue over the years thanks to laura contacting our employers and losing our jobs) and the requirement that laura no longer posts about us/harasses us/follows us around. I have an incredible amount of evidence printed out, most of which you can view at the following websites:



The evidence will remain online and accessible until laura has been served with the papers, after which they will be removed until our lawsuit has been completed.

If you come across laura smith in the tattoo world, don’t listen to what she has to say and just know that she is dangerous and you might be her next victim. She is relentless and you should probably just block her before she knows you exist.

Laura is rumoured to be moving to nova scotia so just a heads up to all tattoo parlours on the east coast, you don't want to hire this deadbeat.

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