Milo Care, Inc.

Country United States
State Maryland
City Silver Spring
Address 2308 Coleridge Drive
Phone 202-361-8134
Website Milo Care, Inc.

Milo Care, Inc. Reviews

  • May 16, 2017

Director of home care assisted living is running a business unlawfully charging people for care/services they do not receive. She lures them to put a down payment on a room to hold it saying she must do this in order to assure the room remains vacant for the intended senior who reserved it. However, if you cancel the reservation for whatever reason, she states that she must keep your money. There is no contract shared during the transaction of monies received by her agency. However, she believes she has the right to keep your money Whatever amount) you may have given her to hold the room. No services nor contract was signed by the parties involved in receiving or delivering the services. She is getting away with highway robbery and taking advantage of seniors and their families who are trusting to place their loved one in need in a special place where they can receive reputable care without being ripped off of their hard earned money!

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