Natalie G. Boykai

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 12660 Ashford Point Dr Apt 506
Phone 619-941-5579

Natalie G. Boykai Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2019

Natalie g. Boykai is a 34 year old female that is scamming individuals for their money. She is unemployed and claimed to conduct business with as their host. She moved in this condominium as of dec 2018. The landlord was not aware she was conducting business of this sorts on her property. Over the course of jan-feb 2019 natalie boykai has had 3 tenants who all paid according to the regulations of After a few days of staying in the residence natalie returned to the property causing friction & harassing the tenants, making them leave after receiving their money. She harrass them insulting their race, ethnicity & religion. Not only does she harass the individuals but she told all of them she will keep their money regardless to how she made them feel. Natalie boykai is a violent young lady, she put her hands on her tenants in addition to lying about violence she inflicts upon others. Natalie boykai purposely tell the tenants she will call the police so that they can leave after receiving their funds. Two of the three tenants told natalie she made them feel uncomfortable and they asked for their money back which she refused. The third tenant after 3 days natalie began antagonizing & attacking based on religion, threw all of the property of food, clothes & bedding on the steps & outside of the residence after being told to not touch the tenants items by the police. Please be aware she is scamming seeking tenants to pay her bills, the residence is empty, she sleeps on the floor & is unemployed seeking others to pay her bills. In a matter of days after moving in she seeks to evict you with no place to go. Be aware of scammers of natalie g. Boykai of houston/katy texas

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