Pc Tech Clinic

Country United Kingdom
Address 56, HAMPTON ROAD
Phone 1-855-848-1092
Website pctechclinic.net/

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  • Oct 17, 2014

I have dealt with this company for one year, I paid $399 for life time service. Each time I have called with a problem, like slow computer They take control of my compputer & tell me all is fine. I started getting a little suspicious a couple of months ago when the agen told me my computer had been hacked by 3 people from Pakistan and 1 from Uganda. I know little about computers, so I let him "fix" the problem. Then about a week ago I had A problem down loading pictures on a flash drive. The computer tech right away dismissed the reason for the call & asked to take control of my computer. He became so theatric as he scrolled down & pointed things out,like O gosh look here, and this ,on and on, he said this time 3 hackers from Pakistan, one from Uganda, and one from of all places California. He really had me convinced that I had a severe problem, and since I do all my banking on line I could hardly sleep. He offered to fix it for $299.00 contract for one yr. $599 for 3 yearas and $1,000 for life time. The next morning I called AOL they charged me $14.95 to take control of my computer and tell me everything is fine with my computer. I am trying now to get a refund, but they never call me back...

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