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  • Sep 3, 2017

Radio Airplay made it impossible to cancel or change to a non-pay package

I wanted to switch to a non-pay package for a while until I had some new material to put on the site. Per the site's FAQ section you can do this in the "manage your package" section. I went to do this and suddenly the icon to do so disappeared. I then went to delete my credit card from the "manage your credit cards" section, and that icon was now gone to. I contacted them via e-mail and they ignored me. I had to contact my bank and get them to cancel my monthly auto-pay to them.

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  • Mar 22, 2015

Not Just a Scam

I used's services for about a year, getting into their top ten one week and consistently doing well. I don't think they're a scam. In response to some complaints, fans can become organic fans by word of mouth or by your paid plays, and I found the people to have real profiles. They aren't the cheapest, most cost effective way to get your music heard, but they are definitely better than nothing. I found I wound up paying about $1 per fan with high quality music, and that I would consistently score in the 80's, sometimes in the 90's with their scoring system. The week that I was in their top ten I scored a 99. The app and website are under the name Jango internet radio, not is the website, and the app can be downloaded. You only get the personal email addresses of the people who give them to you, but can still message all of your fans (people who liked your song or created a band station). They receive the messages when they log into

I hope this clears up some of the confusion. I've had some struggles getting my music heard as an indie artist, but was one of the good parts along the way. After getting 500 fans, I decided to end my subscription and my fans can still hear my music.

  • Nov 17, 2014

Airplay radio engage in buying credit to broadcast new comer artists in the music industry. They promise targeted marketing and sell it high price. according to them and their report, their numerous web radio listeners discover your song after you bough credit/plays according to their tastes. Your song of choice is played to them they can become a fan if they like it. You get full report about your plays, dates, profiles of listeners and fans.Iit started getting fishy when i would get fan on days my music wasnt playing. Further more i got fan who never appeared in my listeners. To find out more about how to become a listener of airplay radio i tried to become one, and found out you cant. It doesnt exist, it's a simple web radio playing random tracks. Their app isnt avaiable, they dont have any radio site and their radio is only available at in 7000 other web radio, but you never subscribe or fill in any profile who would make you this targetted listener you pay for.

  • Apr 2, 2014

Radio Airplay, masquerading as Jango internet radio is a complete scam that utilizes ""bots"" and fake facebook accounts in order to acquire huge profits. Your music is not heard by any living people, ever. And they didn't even implement a bot system that responds to messages or gives feedback in any way. Do not give them any money. If you must use their services please select the free option. Refrain from subscribing to any packages.

If you pay close enough attention to your ""dashboard"" and review your ""fans"" carefully they will be cyclical and you will see the same fake facebook profile pictures over and over again. If they are going to try and scam money from unsuspecting musicians they could at least put a little more effort into it.

Go ahead and click on the facebook profiles or try and message anyone that becomes a ""fan"".

More than 50% of the time the facebook profile can't load because it is private or no longer exists - I would put my money on the latter being more applicable than the former. You will never receive a reply from anyone because there is nobody there to respond.

Radio Airplay should be ashamed.

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