Country United States
State Texas
City Wichita Falls
Website www.RagdollKittens.love

RagdollKittens.love Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2017

They go by various names: elegant rags, ragdollkittens.com, ragdollkittens.Love but it is all jessica perry and her sister leah. They say they are a coop of breeders, which is a lie. Their assistant personally told me that they have 150 cats. I have reported them to animal control in wichita falls tx and i am taking them to court to recoop the $3000 they owe me for cats they sold for me last year. I took a male breeder in exchange for the $$ and have yet to get a healthy cat for that money. I sent one back after 8 months because of stomatitis, an immune disease of the gums. They have sent me cats with herpes, upper respiratory problems and recently i had to put a two your old breeder down that i got from them due to ibd. They have way too many cats and you can tell by the pictures they post on their website: all the kittens have orange mouths. That is from the mother having dirty teets. They all live their entire lives in cages. Very inhumane and unscrupulous business. Save your money and look for a small breeder!! don't be tempted by the photos, by the time they hit 12 weeks they are sick. They take photos at 6 weeks or sooner because they barely can keep them healthy that long. Seriously - awful.

  • Apr 18, 2017


This cattery has 150 breeder cats - you can imagine the smell and bacteria level once these cats are all together. She claims it is a coop of breeders which is a lie. Her assistant personally told me that she has that many adults so add 6 babies to every mother cat and you can imagine the mess! i have gotten nothing but sick cats from these people and i have to sue them to get my money back ($3000 they kept from kittens they sold for me) because they sent me one sick male breeder, and attempted to send me another. There are plenty of small breeders with quality cats. Do not buy from her because she has a fancy website: ask them how many breeders they have. Ask them if their cats have herpes virus Answer: they do!). Save yourself the money and misery get your kitten somewhere else!

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